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  • Introduction to the Symposium 

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     Dear Symposium Participants,
    We would like to inform all participants that there is only one official registration site and it is managed by Republic Polytechnic in our capacity as the event organiser.
    Please be mindful of suspicious websites or dubious URL links and ensure that your registration process is done only through the site below.



     Symposium Theme
    The theme of this Symposium - 'Research and Practice in Problem-based Learning: Two Sides of the Same Coin' aims to examine more clearly the gaps and issues at hand in the understanding and implementation of PBL, be it the knowledge of what PBL is, the application of the principles in the design of PBL environments, or the contextual factors and differences that make or break the efforts. The development of theory and practice must go hand in hand. In other words, the symbiosis of the theory and practice is necessary for any real wisdom to take root in the educational practice landscape. Hence, this Symposium offers an interdisciplinary platform to engage in simulating debates and discussions on these issues. 


    • Teacher Roles in PBL 
    • Effectiveness of Learning in PBL 
    • Learning Technologies for PBL 
    • Assessment and Evaluation 
    • Innovations in PBL  
    • Curriculum Design 
    • Facilitation 
    • PBL Process and Learner Engagment 
    • PBL for Professional Development 

    Pre-Symposium Workshop
    A series of pre-symposium workshops will be held on 17 March 2015 at Republic Polytechnic. These are practice-oriented 3-hour sessions and will include opportunities for active learning and involvement of the participants. More information on these workshops will be announced closer to the date of the event.   

    Why You Should Attend
    Research draws from practice and practice is in turn informed by research. Collectively, research and practice in PBL can afford one with an holistic understanding of how best to implement and account for the effects of this pedagogy. You can therefore look forward to valuable insights and strategic practices gleaned from renowned researchers and practitioners in the area of PBL. Regardless of whether or not you intend to adopt PBL as your main teaching and learning approach, you can benefit from acquiring a deeper appreciation of learner-centred, self-directed teaching principles and strategies that are crucial to current and future knowledge.  

    Who Will Attend
    Following the success of the past three Symposiums since its inception in 2007, the 4th International PBL Symposium is expected to attract over 600 delegates from local and global organisations involved in the provision of educational and professional development services. These delegates will comprise a mix of researchers, practitioners, heads of departments, managers, directors and other key decision-makers in both public and private education. An estimated 250 delegates are expected to join us from other parts of the world, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, China, Japan and the Americas.  



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