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    The Consumer Insights and Social Enterprise Research Centre (CISER) is Republic Polytechnic’s centre of excellence for consumer insights, human behaviour, marketing communication, and social enterprise research.

    It supports the academic aims of School of Management and Communication (wef 1 April 2016) and engages industry partners, voluntary organisations, and community-based groups to uncover effective and innovative solutions to real-life challenges.

     Core Competencies 
    • Use of advanced market research tools and technologies for education, staff capability development, and industry collaborations
    • Collaborative research into consumer insights, human behaviour, and market research
    • Development of educational platforms for quantitative and qualitative market research analytics
    • Development of research frameworks and methods to understand existing and emerging societal trends
    • Social and economic impact analysis of social enterprises and non-profit organisations
    • Enhancement of existing business functions and creation of new sustainable business models for social enterprises and non-profit organisations

     Areas of Focus 
    The way consumers think, feel and reason differs significantly from those a decade ago. These new developments posed new challenges to policy makers in the public sectors and decision makers in commercial establishments.

    Organizations are now investing heavily in pursuit to comprehend the correlation of human motivation, psychology and behaviour of their target audience’s demographics and trends before recommending effective and appropriate policies.

    With relevant insights, organisations will be able to make informed decisions, ensuring the choices made are aligned with their corporate objectives.
    With the growing population in Singapore and the complexity of the interaction among the multi-culture and nationality, social research expenditure and funds are expected to grow, focusing in the area of changing social behavioural and its impact on social development.

    In response to rapid demographic changes in social climate, more than 100 research projects were carried out and reports published pertaining to social behaviour and community development over the past three years in Singapore.

    Research topics such like the “social perception on gambling”, “marriage or divorce trend vs fertility rates” and “Impact of new migrants on social norms” were conducted to serve as recommendation to government policies in various areas. In fact, the baby bonus was introduced as a result of these research efforts.
     Lab Facilities  
    MR lab icon    CISER manages a fully operational Market Research and Behavioural Studies lab at RP. Equipped with cutting-edge technology for objective analysis of customer responses through eye-tracking, facial-reading, and brainwave analysis, the lab can be used to crosscheck conventional market research intelligence gained through focus groups, organoleptic testing, surveys, and questionnaires on any of our two fully equipped focus group rooms.

    A computer laboratory equipped with Statistical Product and Service Solutions workstations can also be used to carry out quantitative market research.
        MEDIA LAB 
    media lab logo    CISER also manages a student led facility that offers communication services related to journalism, public relations and marketing communications.

    The Media Lab allows you to be immersed in a realistic newsroom or communications agency environment to apply creativity and energy to projects involving strategy development, writing and design for communication campaigns.
    C03    Social’ution is a Social Enterprise Live Lab initiated and run by students. Located in the heart of Orchard Road at *SCAPE, the lab offers partners the opportunity to work with social enterprises to develop, lead and execute projects relating to product development, marketing and branding. 
     Industry Collaboration and Consultancy  
    We have strong domain experts and experienced academic staff supporting the areas of focus in CISER Conexus Centre. Our staff are equipped with knowledge and skills in market research methods, consumer behaviour projects communication and social enterprise research.

    Staff capabilities include the development of market research innovative research methods, research frameworks, social enterprise programmes or events to better engage the industry in all spheres of their environment; and application of advanced R&D tools within the research laboratories to explore more and larger-scope industrial projects. It seeks to be the main resource centre and opinion leader for consumer behaviour, communication and social enterprise research.
     Our Research Projects  
    Click here for our research projects 




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