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    Copyright is an intellectual property right. The person who owns the copyright (the author, creator, publisher or otherwise) has the exclusive right to stop others from copying or reproducing his work. All books, magazines, plays, musical scores, sculptures, paintings, drawings, sound recordings, films, television and radio broadcasts, cable programs and computer programs are capable of enjoying copyright protection in Singapore.

    If you photocopy, reproduce or make an adaptation of a copy of the owner's work without the owner's permission, you have infringed his copyright unless you copy under the following circumstances:

    • You copy a published edition of a work for the purposes of your own self-study or research: in this case, you may copy up to 10% of the total number of pages of the book or, if the book is divided into chapters, 10% of the total number of pages in the book, provided only up to 1 chapter of the book is copied.
    • You make a recording of television or sound broadcasts or cable programs for your private and domestic use.
    • You copy a work after its copyright protection has expired: in the case of literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works, the duration of Singapore copyright protection is generally the lifetime of the author plus 70 years, after which the work is in the public domain.
    • You own a genuine (that is, not pirated) copy of a computer program or an adaptation of a computer program and you make a reproduction of it as a back-up of the original.
    • You read or recite an extract of reasonable length from a published literary or dramatic work, or an adaptation of such a work, in public or include it in a sound broadcast or television broadcast or cable programme for the purpose of criticism and review, and give sufficient acknowledgement of the work.

    If you infringe or intend to infringe copyright, the owner of the copyright can apply for a court injunction against you to prevent you from committing any or any further infringing act and sue you for damages to compensate him for his loss.

    The copyright owner can also seek an order to make you pay over the profits that you have made from the infringing act.

    If you sell or hire out an infringing article you can be fined up to $10,000 for each infringing article, up to a total of $100,000 per charge, or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years, or to both a fine and imprisonment. The court may also order you to hand over to the copyright owner all infringing copies of his work for disposal. The court also has power to authorise the police to conduct searches on premises in which the court suspects infringing copies are kept.

    Do note that if you possess 5 or more infringing copies of any work, you will be presumed to possess such copies for the purpose of sale.

    Guidelines for using Cinematograph Film

    Republic Polytechnic respects intellectual property rights and takes a serious view of any infringement of such rights. As a student of the Republic Polytechnic, you are fully expected to respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you do not, you may be breaking the law, for which you alone will be responsible.

    Please check the terms of use and/or copyright notice for every cinematograph film you intend to view with others in Republic Polytechnic. Unless the film states specifically that it can be viewed freely for educational purposes, you must follow the guidelines given below.

    Republic Polytechnic does not authorise or condone the infringement of copyright in the cinematograph film or any other acts of infringement by reason of:

    • making available audio-visual facilities on campus; and/or
    • loaning media discs to you. 

    No screening of cinematograph films for leisure, recreation or other non-course curriculum activities is permitted anywhere in Republic Polytechnic’s premises unless your lecturer has recommended the film title for the purpose of criticism or review. Further, you should not make a copy of any copyright-protected cinematograph film (e.g. by burning the DVDs on which they are contained) or upload such cinematograph films on the Internet without the copyright owner’s permission. You will be solely responsible for your use of the audio-visual facilities and for any consequences that arise from your use of these facilities.

    All information contained on this page is valid and may be amended from time to time, at the Polytechnic’s sole discretion. 



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