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    Ministry of Education (MOE) Tuition Grant Scheme


    To subsidise the high cost of tertiary education in Singapore, the Ministry of Education of Singapore (MOE) hands out approximately $15,900* per annum of tuition grant to all eligible students. The Tuition Grant Scheme provides for a maximum of ten (10) semesters of tertiary education.

    All RP students need to complete the Tuition Grant Application Form during enrolment in order to enjoy the subsidised tuition fee. Non-Singapore Citizen students (that is, Singapore Permanent Resident and International Student) are also required to sign a Tuition Grant Agreement by which the students will be contractually obliged to work in Singapore for a minimum period of three (3) years upon graduation.  

    Steps for Tuition Grant Agreement Signing (Singapore PRs/International students)

    Student and sureties’ signature on the Tuition Grant Agreement must be witnessed by MOE officer or a lawyer. The following flowchart details the procedures and actions required.

      Can your sureties sign the agreement at Republic Polytechnic? 
      YES   NO  
    Step 1   Complete and submit the Tuition Grant Option Form within 10 days upon receiving the email titled “Successful Enrolment to RP
    Step 2  Attend the Tuition Grant briefing on 27 April 2016*
    Step 3  Submit an online application through the MOE's website at http://tgonline.moe.gov.sg between 27 April - 9 May 2016* and update student and sureties’ particulars.
    Step 4     Download the Tuition Grant Agreement and sent it to the sureties.
    Step 5    The sureties sign the Tuition Grant Agreement in the presence of a lawyer. After signing, the stamp/seal of the lawyer firm must be present. The agreement will then be sent back to the student.
    Step 6  Student and Sureties to be present at Republic Polytechnic, between 1 to 3 Jun 2016* to complete the signing of the Tuition Grant Agreement. Student to be present at Republic Polytechnic, between 1 to 3 Jun 2016* to complete the signing of the Tuition Grant Agreement (the copy with lawyer’s signature).

    For further enquiries on the Tuition Grant Scheme, please refer to MOE’s website for a list of Frequently Asked Questions, available at tgonline.moe.gov.sg. You may also contact the MOE Customer Service officers at +65 6872 2220 during office hours. Alternatively, you may email them at MOE_tgonline@moe.gov.sg 

    *Note: This is subject to changes from MOE.


    You may email to help-schoolfee@rp.edu.sg or call RP hotline at 6510 3000 for further assistance. For frequently asked questions (FAQs), please click here.



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