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    Student Insurance - Academic Year 2016/17

    All full-time and part-time enrolled students of Republic Polytechnic (RP) are covered under the Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance Scheme.

    In addition, International Students are covered under Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance (GHSI).

    Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme* (GPA) – For All Full-Time and Part-Time Students   Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance Scheme (GHSI) – For International Students Only  
    • 24-hour worldwide coverage
    • Accidental Death/ Permanent Disablement- sum insured S$30,000
    • Accident Medical Expenses up to S$3,000 per accident
    • Sub-limit of S$1,000 for Physiotherapy/ Chiropractor/ Chinese Physician treatment (referral letter required for Physiotherapy/ Chiropractor treatment)
    • Sub-limit of S$1,500 for insect/ animal bites
    • Sub-limit of S$1,500 for food and drinks poisoning
    • Follow-up treatment covered up to 1 year from date of accident

    *Not applicable for air travel in trade, technical, sporting activity or as crew in connection with an aircraft. Passenger air travel in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft is covered.

    • Annual limit S$30,000
    • Admission to a B1 ward in a Government/ Restructured Hospital
    • Outpatient Mental Health Treatment up to S$5,000 (with referral)
    • Outpatient Specialist Treatment (with referral by a GP/A&E) up to S$350 per year including A&E up to S$100 per visit for emergencies (treatment must be at a Government/ Restructured Hospital)  

    +Students may apply for a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) before hospital admission at least 5 days in advance. Once the LOG is approved, the hospital will waive the cash deposit and payment of the hospital bill up to the limits of the insurance and subject to the policy terms and conditions. The hospital will bill the insurer directly.


    Access the GPA Brochure here.
    Visit http://www.mycg.com.sg/poly-gpa  

    Access the GHSI Brochure here.
    Visit http://www.mycg.com.sg/poly-ghsi 


    Access here  

    Access here  

    1. Prepare the listed required documents.
    2. Keep a copy for your records.
    3. Post the documents to MYCG.
    4. For follow-up claims, please post the original bills to MYCG with a note attached stating “Follow-up Claim”, the “Student’s Full Name” and “Republic Polytechnic”.

    Generally, claims will be processed within 30 days after receipt of complete documents and information. The student will be notified of the result of the claim by email. For approved medical expense claims, the reimbursement will be credited into the student’s bank account.

    • When you cease to be a full-time RP Student (i.e. students who have graduated/withdrawn/ deferred/dismissed)
    • Exhaustion of the cover limit during the policy year.
    • Expiry of the insurance policy.

    Accident/ Death Claims 

    • Completed GPA Incident Report Form  
    • Original Medical Bills & Receipts
    • Doctor’s Memo stating Diagnosis (not medical report)
    • Copy of Referral Letter to Specialist & Physiotherapist / A&E Referral Memo (if any)
    • Copy of Test Written Reports eg. x-ray, MRI (if any)
    • Copy of Police Report (for traffic accidents)
    • If student was hospitalised or had surgery, please submit:
      • Original Final Hospital Bill (the hospital will send this to you within 2 to 3 weeks after discharge)
      • Copy of Inpatient Discharge Summary (if treated at a Government/ Restructured Hospital)

    Hospitalisation and/or Surgical Claims 

    • Completed GHSI Claim Form   
    • Original Final Hospital Bill (the hospital will usually send the final bill to the patient about 2 to 3 weeks after discharge)
    • Original Pre and Post Hospitalisation/Surgery Bills
    • Discharge Summary/Day Surgery Authorisation Form
    • Signed Letter of Indemnity (if LOG was used)
    Outpatient Specialist, A&E and/or Mental Health Claims
    • Completed GHSI Claim Form 
    • Original Medical Bills
    • Copy of Test Written Reports eg. x-ray, MRI (if any)
    • Copy of Referral Letter / A&E Referral Memo
    • When the student attains the age of 70
    • When the student ceases to be a student of the Polytechnic i.e. graduated/ withdrawn/ dismissed
    • When the student goes on leave of absence (if the student goes on leave of absence due to medical reasons, he/she will be covered up to the end of the academic year for which premium and tuition fee have been paid)
    • When the benefit limit has been reached
    • When the policy has expired

    MYCG Pte. Ltd. Mailing Address & Contacts:  

    1 Coleman Street, #10-09A The Adelphi,
    Singapore 179803

    24hr Emergency Hotline: (65) 9336 0159
    Tel: (65) 6635 2160
    Fax: (65) 6635 2161
    Email: customercare@mycg.com.sg

    For further clarification, please email help-student@rp.edu.sg  

    Treatment by a GP  

    Visits to the General Practitioner GP (e.g. for flu and fever) are not covered under the insurance schemes. However, students will enjoy a preferential rate when they visit a panel clinic. Please click here for more information and the list of panel clinics.

    Additional Insurance Coverage for Student Overseas Travel under RP  

    All full-time RP students (Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, international students) going on an overseas trip under Republic Polytechnic are required to subscribe to the SP Superior and Option B schemes.

    Basic Cover - Student 
    Benefits  Maximum Sum Insured (S$)
    Personal Accident 
    1. Accidental Death & Permanent Disability

    Per insured person

    Medical Benefits & Services 
    2. Medical & Dental Expenses (with $0 excess and Return Treatment up to 45 days, 5% of the sum Assured)

    [includes medical treatment by herbalist, acupuncturist, bonesetter and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM treatment must be from a recognized (TCM) Physician]

    3. Worldwide 24-Hour Assistance Service Included
    Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation Expenses 
    4. All Emergency Medical Evacuation Expenses (including aeromedical life support) Unlimited
    5. All Repatriation Expenses Unlimited

    Add On 
    Benefits  Maximum Sum Insured (S$)
    Maximum Sum Insured (S$)
    Medical Benefits & Services 

    1. Extension of Stay

    [pays for the additional accommodation and traveling expenses incurred by the Insured Officer to remain behind and/or a traveling companion who, on the written advice of a qualified medical practitioner, remains with or escorts the Insured Officer until he/she is able to resume his/her journey or return to Singapore or up to a period of 30 days from the expiry of the period of insurance, whichever occurs first]

    $10,000 $5,000

    2. Emergency Telephone Charges

    We will reimburse the Insured Person up to the specified limit applicable to the Selected Plan the actual telephone charges incurred for personal mobile phone used for the sole purpose of engaging the services of Travel Guard Asia Pacific (Travel Guard) during a medical assistance/emergency, and for which an overseas medical claim is payable under Section 2,3 and 4

    $250 $100
    Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation Expenses 

    3. Compassionate Visit (2-way for one person)

    [pays for the incidental expenses for the visit of one relative or friend to assist in repatriation arrangement of the Insured Officer’s remains]

    $5,000 $3,000

    4. Hospital Visitation (2-way for one person)

    [pays for the incidental expenses for the visit of one relative or friend if the Insured Officer cannot be evacuated and requires hospitalization for more than 5 days whilst overseas]

    $5,000 $3,000
    Travel Inconvenience 

    5. Damage or Loss of Personal Belongings / Luggage

    [Max $500 for any one article or pair or set of articles. Max for Laptop Computer is $1,000]

    $3,000 $1,000

    6. Loss of Travel Documents and Personal Money

    [pays the Insured Officer’s travel and accommodation expenses including costs of obtaining replacement passports, travel tickets and other relevant travel documents. Max for Personal Money is $300]

    $3,000 $1,000

    7. Baggage Delay whilst Overseas

    [pays $200 for every 6 consecutive hours that the insured person’s baggage in delayed whilst overseas]

    $1,000 $1,000

    8. Flight delay

    [pays $100 for every 6 consecutive hours delay whilst overseas and in Singapore and up to a maximum of 10 payments]

    $1,000 $1,000

    9. Trip cancellation/curtailment (including Aircraft Hijack)

    $5,000 $3,000

    10. Kidnap & Hostage

    [pays $200 per day]

    $5,000 $3,000

    11. Overbooking or Travel misconnection

    $200 $200

    12. Personal Liability Abroad

    $1,000,000 $500,000

    13. Flight Diversion / Deviation

    [Flight has been diverted due to adverse and non-adverse weather conditions which prevent you from continuing your Trip and you are delayed from arriving at your planned destination by at least 6 consecutive hours.

    Pays $100 for every full six (6) consecutive hours of delay up to a maximum of $1,000 during the policy period.]

    $1,000 $1,000

    Procedures to submit a claim form: 

    Please click here.

    For more information, please contact:  
    Email: govtravel@income.com.sg 

    All information contained on this page is valid and may be amended from time to time, at the Polytechnic’s sole discretion.  



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