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    L'Oréal Singapore 

    Gong Li was ultimately selected as the brand ambassador for L'Oréal Revitalift. 


    Singapore, June 2011 - Republic Polytechnic (RP) undertook a project to conduct market research for leading cosmetics company. L'Oréal Singapore, to test its advertisement effectivness, brand perception, as well as the impact of its selected brand ambassador. The study was conducted to aid L'Oréal Singapore on key advertising decision for a local campaign on an anti-ageing product. 

    The main objective of the study was to evaluate the consumers' response towards the new international and regional advertising campaign. At the same time, the research sought to understand the impact of Asian versus Caucasian celebrity models as brand ambassadors for the company, in the local context.

    The Project team at RP's Market Research Laboratory leveraged on one of the advanced technologies in physiologocal research - the eye-tracking technology, and conducted qualitative research to meet the objectives.

    Respondents were exposed to a total of six stimuli with a mixture of Asian and Western celebrities. Results consistently showed that respondents were more fixated on Asian celebrities then Western celebrities.

    On his view in partnering with an academic institution for the research, Mr Jacques Reyes, L'Oréal Singapore's Market Research and Intelligence Manager, said, "Working with RP provided a different angle, a different point of view from your regular research agency; there's an unassuming genuineness to the research. And the ability to use high-technology research techniques at a significantly lower cost is very attractive to us."

    The results from the research provided insights on the type of product endorser L'Oréal should use in Asia for the launch of its new range of skin care product. The specifiic campaign was launched in June 2011 and has since provided strong double digit sales growth for the product.