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    Republic Polytechnic Education Fund (formerly known as Student Development & Welfare Fund)

    Charity Registration No.: 1740
    UEN: T03CC1740J
    Charity Registration Date: 15 Nov 2003
    Registered Address: 9 Woodlands Avenue 9, Singapore 738964

    Republic Polytechnic Education Fund (RPEF) was set up to provide funding support for student development and welfare programmes, service-learning activities, staff’s continuing education and development and infrastructure upgrading amongst others. The fund was conferred the Institutions of Public Character (IPC) status in April 2003 and the donations received are tax deductible. RPEF is a member of Education Central Fund administered by the Ministry of Education. It is managed by a management committee set up by the polytechnic to ensure that the usage of the donations received is in line with its objectives.

    Objectives of the Fund

    • To provide bursaries, equipment loans, and other forms of financial assistance schemes to students, as well as scholarships/book prizes to students who excel academically and in core curricular activities.
    • To provide funding support for activities associated with student development, welfare and social activities. This can include donation of computer and other equipment in lieu of cash.
    • To provide funding for continuing education, upgrading courses/seminars/lectures, and other programmes for staff.
    • To fund the setting up and upgrading of physical infrastructure, equipment and applications which are in line with the development of technological skills and special projects undertaken by the polytechnic for the students. This can include donation of equipment and other donation in kind besides cash.

    Management Committee

    The following members are appointed as Management Committee of Republic Polytechnic Education Fund (RPEF) for two years, with effect from 1st January 2017 to 31 December 2018:

    Appointment  Name and Occupation 
    Chairman Mr Fong Yew Chan
    Senior Director (Student Services)
    Republic Polytechnic
    Deputy Chairman Mr Ganesh Kalyanam
    Director, Office of Student and Graduate Affairs
    Republic Polytechnic
    Treasurer    Ms Geraldine Ang
    Chief Financial Officer and Director (Office of Finance)
    Republic Polytechnic
    Member      Ms Goy Soon Lan
    Director, School of Sports, Health and Leisure
    Republic Polytechnic
    Secretary      Mr Tui Jurn Mun 
    Director, Office of Industry and Collaboration 
    Republic Polytechnic

    Funding Sources

    In the financial year 2013/2014, RPEF has received donations from generous organizations and individuals.

    In the same financial year, staff from Republic Polytechnic (RP) have also contributed generously to RPEF through their monthly payroll or one-off contributions.

    Proceeds from a few fund raising activities organised by staff and students of RP were also donated to RPEF. Some examples of the fund raising activities include the Jive Fiesta, Graduate Gift Campaign, and sales of Graduation Bears.

    Conflict of Interest Policy

    Upon assuming their appointment, the committee members of RPEF are required to read and understand the conflict of interest policy as prescribed under the Code of Governance guideline for Charities and Institutions of a Public Character. They are also required to make full disclosure of any interest and relationship that could potentially result in conflict of interests in the course of operation. When conflict of interest situation arises, the affected member(s) shall abstain from discussion, decision making and voting of such transaction.

    Disclosure involving committee members should be made to the Chairman. If the Chairman is the one with the conflict, disclosure will be made to the Secretary who shall bring the matter to Principal/Chief Executive Officer of Republic Polytechnic.

    RPEF does not remunerate committee members for their services rendered to RPEF.

    Reserves Policy

    Donations received by RPEF are well defined by the respective donors to be executed for specific purpose in one or more of the following programmes or activities:

    • Scholarships
    • Bursaries
    • Book Prizes
    • Student Emergency Money Scheme
    • Student Pocket Money Scheme
    • Student Financial Aid
    • Glitz Award
    • Other student-related activities

    As such, RPEF does not set aside reserves. In the event that a donation is not utilised in the current financial year, the donation will be carried forward to the subsequent financial year to be utilised for the same purpose.

    RPEF’s received donations are as follows:

      Current Year FY2013
    Previous Year FY2012
    % Increase/ (Decrease) 
    Non-endowed donations and interest income carried forward to next financial year1:  2,843  1,380  106% 
       Endowed Donation 8,790 8,537 3%
       Matching Grants 4,814 3,053 58%
    Endowment Fund  13,604  11,590  17% 
    Total Funds2  16,447  12,970  27% 
    Expenditure3  1,452  964  50% 
    Ratio of Non-endowed donations1 to Expenditure3  1.96 : 1  1.43 : 1   

    1 Unutilised non-endowed donation that is carried forward to new financial year
    2 Total funds include non-endowed donation and endowment fund
    3 Disbursement and expenses as supported/specified by donors

    Programme & Activities


    Scholarships are awarded to RP students based on merits of their academic and co-curriculum activity achievements. 199 scholarships were awarded to deserving candidates in the financial year 2013/2014.


    Bursaries are awarded to RP students who come from low-income families. Factors such as gross household income, number of family members in the household, and special needs or medical challenges are taken into consideration when RP evaluates the applications. 126 bursaries were awarded to deserving candidates in the financial year 2013/2014.

    Book Prizes 

    Book prizes are awarded to RP students who have excelled in their studies. The three major categories of book prizes are:

    • Gold Medals. This is awarded to the top graduating student who excelled in the diploma
    • Diploma Prizes. This is awarded to the top student who excelled in the diploma.
    • Module Prizes. This is awarded to the top student who excelled in the module.

    A total of 359 book prizes were awarded to deserving candidates in the financial year 2013/2014.

    Student Emergency Money Scheme (SEMS) 

    SEMS aims to provide compassionate assistance to needy RP students from low-income families. It is intended to assist needy students during times of crisis by providing financial support where a clear need exists such as sudden death or hospitalisation of the family members of the needy students. In the financial year 2013/2014, six students benefited from the scheme.

    Student Pocket Money Scheme (SPMS) 

    SPMS aims to support needy RP students from low-income families who are struggling with their daily expenses on transportation or meals in school. In the financial year 2013/2014, 583 students benefited from the scheme.

    Student Financial Aid 

    In this financial year of 2013/2014, 596 needy students benefited from the student financial aid scheme that targets the neediest students in RP. Each recipient received a one-off amount of $500.

    Glitz Award (Sports Excellence Award) 

    RP’s Glitz Award (Sports Excellence Award) is awarded to student athletes who have achieved high standards and excellence in sports. It aims to encourage more student participation in sports. In the financial year 2013/2014, the award was given out to one sportsman and one sportswoman of the year, as well to provide funding support to deserving athletes to pursue sports related courses.

    Other Student-related Activities 

    Other student-related activities that were funded by respective donors in this financial year 2013 include:

    1. Inter-Poly Service-Learning Project - One Heart
      An event organised by RP Service Learning Club jointly supported by the other 4 polytechnics, i.e. Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic. The event served approximately 100 seniors from two beneficiaries, namely Indus Moral Care and Sunlove Marsiling Seniors Activity Centre. The event provided an opportunity for our students to experience the intercultural and intergenerational connection within the community.
    1. Longest Flavored Pasta
      Republic Polytechnic set a new record in the Singapore Book of Records and the World Record Academy for the longest strand of flavored pasta, made by staff and students from the School of Hospitality (SOH), measuring nearly 502 meters. The green tea flavored pasta was distributed to 250 elderly beneficiaries from voluntary welfare organisations such as Caregiving Welfare Association, Care Corner Seniors Activity Centre (Toa Payoh), Care Corner Student Care Centre (Woodlands and Admiralty), and Geylang East Home for the Aged.


    If you have any enquiries about the funds or would like to make a contribution, you may email Help-OFN@rp.edu.sg 



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