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    Welcome to Republic Polytechnic (RP)! Just as any head of family would agree, it is both my pride and pleasure to share with you what the RP family believes in, where we came from and where we are headed.

    Republic Polytechnic is the fifth polytechnic in Singapore. It was born out of the conviction that the education landscape would benefit from diversity, both in the way the campus is built to enable learning, and the delivery of its curriculum which is geared towards technical education for our young in a vibrant city state with its attendant demands on citizens being entrepreneurial, innovative problem solvers.

    We opened our doors to students in 2003, all charged to give a refreshingly new zest to the conventional classroom that many of them were accustomed to. To this end, I am happy to say that the testimony of our students, parents and industry partners has been absolutely heartening. We hear the same chorus -“PBL (which stands for our unique Problem Based Learning approach) made us more confident learners”. Parents emailed us and some even wrote to the local newspaper about the positive power PBL wielded over their children. At the recent International PBL Symposium, to a local and international gathering of academics, a world-renowned PBL expert espoused the view that RP’s One Day, One ProblemTM was the way to go in education.

    At the iconic RP campus in Woodlands, the visitor is impressed by how each of its facilities loudly asserts that with the management, students’ needs come first. Occupying pride of place at the heart of the campus is an inviting life-style library. Around this nucleus are 11 learning pods unified by two elliptical decks which provide a cozily continuous space for students to carry out their own activities and bond with their peers. To promote holistic character development, there is an unparalleled cultural centre which the premiere local symphony orchestra praises - ideal for students with an artistic flair and a passion for the performing arts. There is also a multi-purpose sports hall to ensure that sports enthusiasts can enjoy all kinds of sporting activities to the fullest. Added to all these is a strong Service-Learning programme, which sees our students actively engaged in community service to the less privileged, both locally and abroad.

    The visitor will similarly be impressed by the extent to which IT is harnessed for the benefit of our students’ learning. RP embraces technology in every aspect of campus life - from having no books and papers to instant messaging, IP phone and wireless projection, and our trademark Learning Environment Online which is developed in-house - all this to prepare our students well in advance for the IT dependent modern workplace that awaits them upon graduation.

    Having taken the plunge to be different, it was rewarding to all of us at Republic Polytechnic’s that our PBL approach was endorsed by industry as evidenced by the numerous MOUs which we have signed with our industrial partners, signifying intent to collaborate with our staff and students on projects of industrial relevance, such as RFID. At the beginning of this year, RP started its Distinguished Professional Programme by inviting renowned academics, scientists, educationists and professionals to come and work with both our staff and students so that through intense and close range guidance, we strengthen core competencies in the areas of pedagogy, research and enterprise and scale greater heights with an unwavering belief that we can be the best in what we set out to achieve.

    I welcome you to look more closely at what we offer as an institution committed to excellence and people development. I hope you will continue to be with us as we grow from strength to strength. Please come and visit us so you will see, feel and hear for yourself just how adventurously different we are.

    Warmest Regards




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