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  • What our industry partners say about us

    1. Dipoma in Mass Communication 
    2. Diploma in Consumer Behaviour and Research 
    3. Diploma in Social Enterprise Management 
    4. Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology 
    5. SMC's Market Research Lab 
    6. SMC's Media Lab 
    7. SMC's Social'ution Live Lab @ *SCAPE 
    8. SMC Students on Internship 
    Diploma in Mass Communication 

    “The Diploma in Mass Communication is instantly recognisable by industry and provides a clear indication of the capabilities and skillsets that the students who graduate from this diploma programme will have.”
    – Ms Michelle Lim, Chief Operating Officer, JobsCentral


    "When a group of students come together with a common passion, goal and purpose, the resulting synergy produces work that is of higher quality and creativity. RP's Media Lab is a great example of creating a space that allows this environment to thrive. The Mass Communication students that have been working with us on communications for the Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2013 event have shown great enthusiasm, strong teamwork and drive to deliver quality work."
    – Mr Michael Burns, Senior Consultant, Cohn &Wolfe XPR

    Diploma in Consumer Behaviour and Research  

    “EDB has set up a ‘Consumer Insights’ special division to develop the Singapore market research industry as the leading centre of regional consumer insights excellence in Asia.”
    – Asia Research


    “The curriculum will cultivate strong skills in understanding buyer behaviour and prepare future talents to support good business decisions.”
    – Ms Lee Phui Fong, Country Manager, adidas Singapore

    adidas singapore 

    “We were supportive of our child, Julia, joining the Diploma in Consumer Behaviour and Research (DCBR) as this course would allow her to acquire practical academic knowledge, as well as a wider variety of course options when she pursues her further studies.”
    – Ms Chieko Kasahara, mother of Julia Yee, DCBR student

    Diploma in Social Enterprise Management  

    “The launch of the Diploma in Social Enterprise Management is timely. The programme is comprehensive and will help create a pipeline of future talents for the local social enterprise sector. I look forward to collaborating with RP towards the growth of this sector.”
    – Ms Elim Chew, President, 77th Street (S) Pte Ltd

    77th street 
    Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology  

    “The Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology offered by Republic Polytechnic will groom a pool of competent local HR practitioners with formal HR training to provide functional HR operations support to strategic HR leaders in both large and small organisations. Graduates would be prepared for the workplace through the combination of knowledge and practical application-based components aligned to the HR/BM/LPM Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) competencies as well as their industry attachment. We are pleased to be working with Republic Polytechnic to enhance the work-readiness of their graduates and explore the possibilities of issuing HR/BM/LPM WSQ certifications to graduates.”
    – Ms Selena Hyunh, Deputy Director, Creative and Professional Services, Singapore Workforce Development Agency


    "The curriculum for Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology had been designed to meet the manpower needs of industry, especially Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with an international focus. The programme will be relevant to larger SMEs, especially those with international operations or regional expansion plans.”
    – Mr Chan Chong Beng, President, Association of Small and Medium Enterprises


    “The diploma programme and curriculum are well thought out. There is definitely a need for HR manpower, especially at the SME level where the critical mass is not large enough to warrant expensive and highly qualified HR professionals. But HR systems and guidance are always necessary for good manpower recruitment and maintenance. This early planning from Republic Poly will mean we can begin to meet SMEs’ needs in 3–4 years with diploma holders. This is really good thinking and I fully endorse it.”
    – Ms Cheah Kim Lean, Founder and CEO, Acorn Marketing and Research Consultants


    “The Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology will help meet the manpower needs of the industry. The ability to work with diverse cultures and an understanding of human motivations and behaviors will enhance the graduates’ ability to work effectively as HR practitioners. The programme will help to produce a pipeline of HR talent to support local enterprises in growing their businesses, particularly in their international or regional expansion.”
    – Darshan Singh, Director, Human Capital, SPRING Singapore

    Spring Singapore 

    “The Launch of Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology is a good initiative. It should have come sooner. If trained well, students can use what they have learnt from the course to execute psychometric tests at interviews and for talent management with a higher rate of success. With Psychology training, HR personnel can offer more than just administrative services, they can venture into career counseling, and even conduct workshops and seminars to help employees cope with work life balances, depression and other challenges.”
    - Pam Vas, Finance Project Manager, Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


    “The curricula for Republic Polytechnic’s new Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology appears comprehensive. The prospects of these HR students are promising, especially with their training for the international corporate landscape and understanding of human motivations and behaviors. Such knowledge and skills-set will become invaluable for the ever complex business environment ahead. They will be more ready to support multinational organizations in Asia in the management of the multi-faceted workforce.

    We’ll be pleased to accept students from the DHRMP for work attachments to partner RP in providing these students the opportunity to gain real insights and put to practice what they learn from the course.”
    - Nancy Ng-Lee, Head, Group HR, Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd

    "We are pleased to know that RP has introduced this programme to equip students with HR and business fundamentals that will prepare them well for various job opportunities in the future. This curriculum sufficiently provides the relevant knowledge and practical training that are vital for the students to succeed as HR practitioners. We would be pleased to consider DHRMP graduates to join us in building a career in our company."
    - Ms Zarina Piperdi, Senior Vice-President (Human Resources), SIA Engineering Company
    SIA Engineering Company 
    SMC's Market Research Lab  

    “The L’Oreal Paris Singapore brand team; the Consumer Division General Manager, Vincent Ong; our Country Managing Director, Chris Neo; and I were thoroughly impressed with the sophistication of the technology used and the calibre of insights presented during the final presentation. The Eye Tracking methodology used for the study was something very new to us, and we were all pleased with the insights that came from the teams’ analysis. I must say that the quality of work we got from the RP team was indeed at par with the top market research agencies in Singapore.”
    – Mr Jacque Philippe Izon Reyes, Market Research and Intelligence Manager, L’Oreal Singapore Pte Ltd

    SMC's Media Lab  

    “The Media Lab is good idea to allow RP’s Mass Communication students to do meaningful projects with the industry. The students were very motivated and displayed a sense of professionalism while working on the video project. Their enthusiasm and talent, coupled with the relevant exposure to industry, will serve them well as they embark on future careers in broadcast journalism.”
    – Ms Shamala Rajendran, Manager (Public Communications), Communications & Strategic Relations, Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office

    SMC's Social'ution @ *SCAPE 

    “We want students to know that there are things they can do out of their school compound, and this was an opportunity for them to apply what they have learnt in school in a real environment and gain more experience.”
    - Mr Lee Hong Chuang, Chairman of *SCAPE Co. Ltd

    SMC Students on Internship 

    “This Marketing Experience programme provides first hand practical exercise for students to experience real-life business situations.”
    - Tracy Kham, District Manager, adidas

     adidas singapore 

    “Her internship at IPS was arranged through the Marketing Experience Programme at Republic Polytechnic. The faculty and staff provided excellent mentorship and support. We are pleased to be an industry partner in this initiative to nurture young talent and bridge the learning experience from the classroom to the field”.
    - Dr Leong Chan-Hoong, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies (Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy , National University of Singapore)


    “We have had RP students join the Ogilvy Public Relations internship programme and had a very good experience with them. The students were smart, creative and eager to learn and grow. They have what it takes for a career in the industry.”
    – Ms Kalai Natarajan, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

    ogilvy logo 
    "RP interns are a great benefit to our company. Hardworking bunch!"
    - Samantha Pereira, Assistant Editor, Campus Magazine
    "We have had two interns from RP's SMC in my company in the past few years - they have been a source of joy.  I would rank very high amongst the almost 50 interns we have had in our company over the years - who were mostly from local and overseas universities.  So, what is it that sets them apart?  In my assessment, three things: a practical, hands-on approach to work and problem solving; a deep desire to learn and a hunger to succeed knowing it's a rough road ahead; and a humility that allows them to roll-up their sleeves and take on menial tasks with dignity and accept criticism positively.  All leaders of organizations will agree that these qualities are important yet increasingly rare today, especially when we look at retention and ROI.  RP's SMC must be doing something right to produce such students."
    - Viswa Sadasivan, CEO, Strategic Moves Pte Ltd
    Strategic Moves 



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