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Learning @ Republic Polytechnic
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Course Fees

Republic Polytechnic holds a firm belief that all students should enjoy their education with an ease of mind on payment for the course fees.

To enjoy an education with less financial burden, students must

  1. be aware of the course fees payable every academic year, then
  2. decide if the course fees are to be paid by cash or to apply for financial schemes or scholarships, if applicable.


Click on the box to read the details:



Withdrawal, Deferment and Absenteesim Policy

Students must understand any related penalties (if any) in the event of their consideration to withdraw, defer or absent from school without proper notification. This knowledge will ensure that they are not required to pay extra monies out of their pocket. For more information on withdrawal, deferment and absenteeism policy, click here.

If you need personal assistance to plan, to understand the payment of your course fees, or to seek information on related matters, please email help-registrar@rp.sg. In this email, please include your name and contact number so that we can contact you directly to clarify if required.