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Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning (R33)

About the Programme

Due to the nature of the outdoor and adventure learning job requirements, candidates seeking admission into the Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning (DOAL) should enjoy working with youth in the outdoor environment consisting of natural and adventurous elements. The course will demand from students a substantial amount of involvement in physical activity and water-based experiential activities. As such, having an affinity for the outdoors and adventure pursuits will be advantageous. Additionally, students should be able to show confidence in water whilst donning a personal flotation device.

DOAL candidates are allowed to enrol into Republic Polytechnic on the condition that they pass a medical examination by a certified medical general practitioner. For information on the medical conditions and medical form for examination, please refer to Annex A. The fee for the medical examination is to be borne by the applicant.

Candidates who do not pass the medical examination will not be accepted into the Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning.

Annex A

Programme Objectives
The programme aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to meet the growing needs of the outdoor and adventure industry. It uses several methodologies – Experiential Learning, Problem-based Learning, Laboratory-based Projects and an Industrial Immersion Programme – to provide experiences beyond the classroom.
Career Prospects
As the Singapore government encourages a more rugged and adventurous spirit in the community, outdoor adventure specialists will be increasingly in demand. They are needed to create programmes and opportunities for individuals to explore and experience outdoor life, and apply what they have learnt in their personal life and work.

Graduates can explore career opportunities with the following types of organisations in the public and private sector: outdoor education service providers, Outward Bound Singapore, National Parks, Community Development Councils, various National Sports Associations, SAFRA, uniformed organisations, schools, independent companies offering experiential learning, resorts and recreational clubs that offer experiential team building programs. Employment is not limited to Singapore as such experiential training is growing in Southeast Asian countries as well as India and China. Several local enterprises have regional operations in these countries.

Graduates who wish to pursue further education must demonstrate academic competence and apply for advanced standings in local and overseas Institutes of Higher Learning. Outstanding graduates may be able to pursue a university education at National Institute of Education (part of Nanyang Technological University), or apply for advanced standing at reputable overseas universities.

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