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RP-Unity Teaching Retail Pharmacy

Thanks to this simulated retail pharmacy, the only such dedicated facility among the polytechnics, our Pharmacy Sciences students can receive practical training in areas such as telepharmacy, visual merchandising and inventory management.

Foley Arts Studio

The first-ever full-scale Foley Arts Studio in Singapore, this facility was custom-built to support the training of our Sonic Arts students. With acoustically treated walls and noise isolation, students can create the quietest and most intimate sounds imaginable. Students will learn how to provide industry-quality sound design for films and broadcast content.

Market Research Lab

Consumer Behaviour and Research students can hone their research skills in acquiring consumer insights through curriculum and industry projects.

Sports Engineering Lab

The new sports engineering lab allows our Sports and Exercise Sciences students to conduct tests in similar conditions to the actual performance of an athlete and measure biomechanical variables to evaluate the actual performance.

RP-RSA Security Operations Centre Lab

A collaboration between RP and RSA, this Security Operations Centre (SOC) Lab simulates the experience of running an SOC and allows Infocomm Security Management students to hone their skills in operating various software.

Exhibition Training Lab

The Exhibition Training Lab gives our Integrated Events Management students the chance to perfect skills that are much sought-after by the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions industry.

The Aerospace Hub (The ARCH)

The Aerospace Hub, or ARCH, is the first purpose-built hangar at an institute of higher learning in Singapore, and provides our aerospace and aviation students with an industry-relevant, hands-on learning experience.