Page last updated on 31-Aug-2011

Our Mission statement
We nurture individuals to prepare them for a dynamic world in partnership with stakeholders, leveraging on problem-based learning.

Our Vision
An educational institution of choice for nurturing innovative, entrepreneurial and cultured professionals.

Our Mission and Vision statement helps us to chart directions to create a new cohort of students capable of taking on challenges in the New Economy. At Republic Polytechnic (RP), we ensure that besides gaining domain knowledge, our students would be acquiring essential learning and problem-solving skills. The acquisition of these crucial skills form the cornerstone of our distinctive education pedagogy, Problem-Based Learning, which would be a prominent part of an adventurous approach in polytechnic education. In addition to these skills, they should cultivate an appreciation for the arts as well as affirm their loyalty to the country through participation in our national education programme.

Your generous support towards our students development activities will help to form the foundation of their experiential learning whilst in RP so that together we help to nurture the workforce of tomorrow; one that has a strong sense of belonging, purpose and ambition to climb peaks to overcome the challenges posed in the new millennium.

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