Making a Difference

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. ~ Galileo Galilei ~

Indeed. At Republic Polytechnic (RP) we do not impart knowledge to our students by merely teaching them. We do it by allowing them to find answers to questions themselves. We call our lecturers facilitators (they facilitate the process to answer findings) and our learning approach, Problem Based Learning (PBL).

RP is the first institution to adopt the PBL approach and to integrate it into all our learning programmes. By adapting PBL, we offers our students a different way of intellectual advancement and skill development and adds diversity to the local education scene.

To reinforce our mission of nurturing the next generation of leaders, we had established the RP Endowment Fund. This is a vehicle to receive financial gifts and sponsorship from our partners to support the institution’s charter of nurturing innovation, professional competency and entrepreneur learning. With the RP Endowment Fund, the principal you put in will remain in perpetuity to generate more income via carefully chosen financial vehicles. This ensures that the money you contributed will be used to help students in many years to come.

Help us in our mission by giving us your generous support. We invite you as our partners or as individuals, to join us as we witness RP grow from strength to strength at dynamic pace into a world-class institution.


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