Gift Opportunities - Adventure Learning Programme

Republic Polytechnic (RP)’s commitment to excellence in experiential learning took a bold step in 2007 with the launch of the Adventure Learning Centre (ALC). In line with our education philosophy, ALC adds another powerful dimension in our already robust education pedagogy of problem-based learning and service learning.

The ALC comprises of our adventure learning facility at our Woodlands campus and a watersports learning facility at Lower Seletar Reservoir (LSR). Together, these facilities offer a wide range of foundation and intermediate experiential/development courses for staff, students and the community.

In the face of a fast-changing global environment and competitive industrial demands, the ALC can play a special role in leading efforts to work with, and prepare/empower our youths to compete and thrive in today’s world.

We are seeking sponsorship specifically for our programmes for the community under-privilege so that we can reach out to this group of youth to restore their confidence and guide them back to the mainstream society.

Making Your Gift

We invite you to take up a leadership role in education by being a sponsor for our programme. To make a Gift to us click here.

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