Gift Opportunities - Scholarships / Book Prizes


Scholarships are awarded to students from the 2nd and 3rd year who have performed well academically in our Problem-based Learning environment. Scholarships may be diploma specific (only awarded to students from a certain discipline) or generic (any student who meets the selection criteria can apply) in nature. Each scholarship is for a quantum of S$2,500 and non-renewable. Recipients must re-apply in the next academic year and selection will be based on academic merits.

Presently, Republic Polytechnic (RP) offers over 35 diploma and post-diploma programmes spread over 6 Schools and 2 Centre. Sponsors would have the scholarships named after their organization or names as specified.

Book Prizes

The annual Academic Awards Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony are events that recognize the achievement of our students from the various diploma programmes. Apart from presenting the diploma certificates to these students, we would also be giving out awards in the form of book prizes to those who have excelled in their studies. These book prizes can be broadly classified under three major categories:
  • diploma gold medal
  • diploma-based
  • module-based
The quantum for each diploma gold medal is S$800, whilst the diploma-based book prize and module-based book prize is S$300 and S$150 respectively.

Making Your Gift

We invite you to take up a leadership role in education by being a sponsor for our programme. To make a Gift to us click here.

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