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    Official Mobile Apps
    RP Connect 

    RP Connect aims to transform the way you work by using mobile technology. It connects all mobile features that simplify how RP works.

    For instance, we used to queue for attendance taking. With RP Connect, it allows us to take our attendance via QR code projected on the screen and from the comfort of our seat!

    It also provides information on the go such as Campus Discovery, showcasing all amenities in RP and direction to the amenities.

    More exciting features will be made available in subsequent updates.



    Speech to Sign 

    Speech to Sign Mobile application is a collaboration between Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) and Republic Polytechnic.

    This app is created mainly for workers, parents or anyone whom are interested in learning the 49 different key word signs.

    This app helps communication between the mentally disabled students from MINDS easier. Users of this app will be able to learn the basic sign language that is used in MINDS to help communicate easier.

    Key Features:

    • Convert speech to text
    • Show video by speech, list selection or favourited word
    • Favourite (Add) or Delete (Remove) the word list of favourites
    • Adjusting the volume and text size throughout the application
    • Audio feedback to describe how to make the hand sign

    Speech to Sign was proudly designed and developed by Al Imran Shah Bin Hasni, Nur Iskandar Bin Mohamed Salleh and Lee Siao Ming from the Diploma of Mobile Software Development (DMSD) course in Republic Polytechnic’s School of Infocomm (SOI). The app was developed as part of their Final Year Project.


     /uploadedImages/Owl Nation.png  Saving owl nation1 
    Little Market 

    Little Market teaches young minds to perform simple money-arithmetic. Based in the Singapore currency, it trains the user to construct amounts of money value using the different dominations of the currency.

    Originally developed for MINDS to train and assist the intellectually challenged to correctly count and construct money amounts during purchases, it can also be used to teach young children how to recognize the different denominations of the Singapore currency and thereby correctly constructing different amount of money values.

    Key Features:

    • Audio read-out of the money value for each denomination of the Singapore currency
    • Audio text-to-speech of the total amount of money constructed
    • Randomly generated amount of money value for training
    • Assistive hints to tell how much money is short or exceeded
    • Decision Making
    • Summary of amount of money spent

    Little Market was proudly designed and developed by Jolene Ng and Hsiao Chia Yu, pioneer students from the Diploma of Mobile Software Development (DMSD) course in Republic Polytechnic’s School of Infocomm (SOI). The app was developed as part of their Final Year Project. 

    Problem-based Learning Symposium  

    The official companion app for PBL Symposium 2015, an event organised by Problem-Based Learning Institute, Republic Polytechnic. 


    Other Mobile Apps
     Saving owl nation1   /uploadedImages/Owl Nation.png 
    Saving Owl Nation 

    Put your fire proximity suit on and get ready to shoot!

    Saving Owl Nation is a first-person shooter game that simulates what it feels like to fight forest fires and face the dangers it brings to reality. 

    Owl Nation 

    Owl Nation is a game that encourages interaction among players in real life. Players are owls and work together to find the suspicious traitor among the group.

    For every game, each player is assigned the same password except for the ‘traitor’.

    On a per-round basis, players are to describe their own password and vote out who they think the player with the odd password is.


     One People   YOLO, Neighbour 

    Build a city of your dreams where people of all races can live harmoniously with each other, have jobs and be happy.

    Learn about the traditions and cultures of different races in Singapore as you play.
    OnePeople game is developed by Republic Polytechnic in collaboration with OnePeople.SG who provided the information on the different races.


    YOLO, Neighbour! 

    Discover the gracious neighbour in you as you embark on this exciting, fun-filled adventure game.

    Take a stroll around your neighbourhood and look out for leading clues to interact and help neighbours in need!

    Fully integrated with 6 different mini games for you to unlock and score points!

    Also, don't forget to interact with your neighbours to score more point.





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