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1) What is the Operating System (OS) used? What are the software that will be installed during configuration?

RP's environment currently supports Windows 8.1 Enterprise /Pro Operating System. Please refer to Question (4) for use of MacBooks.

The following software will be installed during laptop configuration:

1. Symantec Endpoint Protection (Anti Virus).

2. 7 zip.

3. Adobe Reader.

4. Java Runtime Environment.

5. Python.

6. RP Application such as RP Firewall, RP VPN and etc.

7. Office 365 ProPlus (This requires student's self-installation. - Click here for Office 365 ProPlus Guide)

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2) I already have my own laptop. How do I check if it meets RP minimum requirements?

Right click on "My Computer" and click "Properties".

Our recommended Minimum Requirements are:

  • 2.2GHz 64-bit processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 250 GB Hard Disk Space
  • Wireless adapter must minimally support IEEE 802.11g standard (recommended to support dual-band IEEE 802.11a/g/n standard)
  • Able to support Windows 8.1 


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3) How do I select a brand and model best suited for my studies?

All the recommended models were evaluated to meet the learning needs in RP. Price varies with the hardware specifications; e.g. bigger hard disk size, graphic display quality, display screen size and weight of the laptop.

All the models serve the purpose of your studies in RP and you can choose one that best meets your preference and financial budgeting. Do note that prices are slightly different among brands, although their specifications are similar. This is because the vendors may adopt different branding and marketing strategies and the bundling of accessories.

Tablet is not supported in RP environment such as iPad, Samsung Tab and etc. Currently only Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is supported.

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4) I have a MacBook. Can it be used in RP environment?

RP's IT environment is Windows-based. If you already have a MacBook, you can make appointment via Click Here to Make Appointment, we will help to install Windows OS on your MacBook and giving it dual operating systems, but you must prepare the following:
  • Bring Power Adaptor

  • Prepare at least 80 GB of free hard disk space

  • Bring External DVD ROM if any

  • Bring the Mac OS installation discs (TWO Grey DVD) if any

  • Download the windows support for MAC OS into your Macbook. Instructions to download windows support.

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5) Where can I get financial assistance?

Students who require financial assistance to buy a laptop can refer to the IDA NEU PC Plus Programme which offers students and persons with disability from low-income households an opportunity to own new computer bundled with software and free 3-year broadband subscription.

To find out if you qualify for the programme, You may visit the IDA website at www.ida.gov.sg/neupc for more information.

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6) Why do I need to purchase a laptop in RP?

Every class in RP is conducted online. Students use their own laptops every day in our wireless network to view assignments, submit their work, take online quizzes, complete their assessments and view their grades.

To enable all this, every student must own a laptop with the specified hardware requirements. Students also find it increasingly important to interact and communicate using emails, instant messenger and Internet. These allow them to gain instant access to vital information they need.

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7) Why are the prices of laptops cheaper in some of the electronic stores?

Laptops sold at the roadshow are carefully selected to last at least for the next 3 years or more. The same model may be more expensive than those sold at electronic stores due to better specifications and includes 3 years onsite warranty. RP is organising the roadshow and brought vendors together with the aim of providing more competitive prices and choices for students.

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8) What if I already have an existing laptop or purchased my laptop from other stores before the roadshow?

If you have a laptop or have purchased a laptop from other vendors, please check your laptop specification against our recommended minimum requirements above in Question (2).

If your specification meet the minimum requirements, please register for an appointment online to configure your laptop; Click Here to Make Appointment

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9) Is it compulsory to purchase my laptop from the RP Road Show?

The objective of the RP RoadShow is to help our students own a laptop so that they can have a smooth start in their studies at RP. As a polytechnic, we can take advantage of the economies of scale and provide more choices offering value for money. For the same technical specifications, the price is expected to be cheaper than those offered elsewhere.

In addition, all the recommended laptop are tested and pre-installed with certain required software. This saves our students a lot of time and energy to configure and set up the laptop. The time saved can be as much as a few hours for each visit to our IT helpdesk.

Moreover, the hardware maintenance and warranty are directly supported by the selected vendors in the road show. Please note that by bringing various vendors together at the roadshow, we aim to offer more choices at competitive pricing. Some vendors have set up booths in RP on weekly basis, to provide servicing for our students' laptop.

Given all the advantages, we encourage you to buy your laptop during the roadshow.

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10) What is the mode of payment for the purchase of laptops?

The vendor accept Cash, NETS and Credit Card.

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11) How many laptops can I purchase from the RP Road Show?

The Laptop Road Show is organised for RP students to assist them in their studies in RP. The vendor will give priority to RP students for their studies. Therefore, the vendors may not be able to sell multiple laptops to individual students if they do not have sufficient stocks at hand.

If the vendors reject your additional order, please understand that they need to satisfy our Year 1 students first. Additional purchase and purchases by senior students and RP Staff may have to be placed in their waiting list.

However, if you are a Year 1 student but are not able to buy your first laptop at the road show, please kindly inform us. We will work with the vendor closely to help you get your laptop.

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12) Why is it recommended to purchase laptop insurance? (Optional)

All approved laptops for RP studies comes with 1 to 3 years warranty. The laptop insurance is a non-compulsory service that Staff and Students can opt to purchase.

If the laptop is damaged or stolen, having insurance may help with the replacement/repair cost.

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13) How is this insurance different from the laptop's warranty?

Manufacturer’s warranties and extended service plans only cover manufacturer’s defects or internal mechanical breakdown. These warranties do not cover losses due to fire, theft, spillage or accidents.

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