OSG Monthly Republic Polytechnic
• Office of Student and Graduate Affairs • April 2015 •
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Cheerleading Season 2014/15
2015 is a year that our Cheerleading IG, Rexaz defended our 3rd Championship consecutively in the Cheerleading Association Singapore National Cheerleading Championships (CASNCC).
Heartfelt Thanks from a Mentee
Many students submitted their feedback and eagerly wanted to nominate their mentors for the “100 Most Appreciated Mentors Award AY2014/15”.
Glammed Up For Grads' Night
With this year’s theme - ‘Night of Glamour’, 400 Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) incoming graduates walked the red carpet at Graduates’ Night 2015 in stunning dresses and dapper suits.
Tchoukball Clinic with Children at Youth Guidance Outreach Services at Ang Mo Kio
On 18 March, the Republic Polytechnic Tchoukball team conducted a Tchoukball clinic for the children under the care of Youth Guidance Outreach Services (YGOS) at Ang Mo Kio (AMK).
6th National Special Schools Track and Field Championships
On 13 March 2015, our Republic Polytechnic Athletics Team athletes which comprised sprinters, throwers and long distance runners spent their day volunteering for the 6th National Special Schools Track and Field Championships 2015!
WINGS X-Country 2015
On 28 February 2015, our RP athletics (Road Race) team, like many other schools and institutes, took part in the annual Wings Cross Country Championships.
Inter-Tertiary Canoeing Championships 2015
3..2..1.. GO! 21 March 2015 marked the commencement of the Inter-Tertiary Canoeing Championship (ITCC) Race.
RP 9-ball Pool Invitational 2015
RP Cuesports hosted our first and foremost inter-school competition, the RP Invitational 9-ball 2015 where several local tertiary institutions were invited to take part in.
RP Intellectual Games Packed Home Silver
The whole hall was filled with the sound of clicking clocks as the Chinese Chess team competition started. Held at Cheung Cheng High Secondary School, the hall was filled with competitors from 10 different schools.
National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA): Journey to Success
I am honoured to share my journey and encourage all the RP NYAA participants who are going through the same journey to never give up when face with obstacles.
nEbO Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015
Do you have what it takes to be an entrepenur? We will teach you how to say YES at YES 2015. Click to know more.
Laptop Assistance
Republic Polytechnic (RP) provides laptop assistance to new students who are from lower income families to cope with their laptop needs.
Needy Student Fund
The Needy Student Fund is initiated to help students from low-income families tide over their financial difficulties or unprecedented crisis due to various reasons (i.e. loss of main breadwinner in the family, hospitalisation…etc.).
Ministry of Education (MOE)'s Special Educational Needs (SEN)
Ministry of Education (MOE)'s Special Education Needs Fund is made available for students that might require different and/or additional resources beyond what is conventionally available.