OSG Monthly Republic Polytechnic
• Office of Student and Graduate Affairs • August 2014 •
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Glitz 2014
Once again, athletes filled The Republic Cultural Centre’s (TRCC) auditorium with the same wide smiles and team spirit, but rid of their sports gear. This time, they were donned in monochrome glamour for Glitz 2014!
The Festival of The Year: IGNITE! Music Festival 2014
The two-day festival reached out to a total of more than 10,000 festival goers – from screaming fan girls, laid back hipsters to head banging rockers; all came down to Republic Polytechnic for one sole purpose – enjoy the good music.
NYP Invitational IVP competition 2014
In the last semester break, RP Ultimate Frisbee IG took part in the NYP Invitational IVP which was held on 15 and 22 Mar. The objectives was to let the juniors get some field experience while giving the other teams a hard fight and hopefully secure a better placement than the previous year.
Celebrating the National Birthday as Motivators
A total of more 80 Republic Polytechnic students were part of National Day Parade 2014 as motivators with Touch Community Service. The role of the motivator engages the audience prior to the start of the celebration through their own-design photo frame and balloon sculpturing.
Behind the Glitz and Glamour of IGNITE! Music Festival 2014
Flashing lights, a huge stage and their game faces on, is what usually greets you at every IGNITE! Music Festival, but what you see is only the result of months of hard work and what goes on behind the scenes are not as glamorous as you think.
How Do You Do(odle)?
Band of Doodlers came down to Republic Polytechnic on 6 Aug for a Doodling Crash Course as part of IGNITE! Music Festival’s fringe events.
The Festival That Ignites Passion
IGNITE! Music Festival is in its seventh year running, and the scale of it grows every year. This year, festival-goers were blown away by popular acts like The Sam Willows, Charlie Lim, and Gentle Bones amongst others. Read on to take a look at what went down for this year’s festival.
Show Me What You’ve Got @ IGNITE! Your Senses
IGNITE! Your Senses happened on 8 August at 4PM at Republic Polytechnic’s South Agora. These talented bands were brought in as a showcase to everyone on campus. Bands included Kill Teddy, Arson and Koji.
Let The Flames Begin with Jammerz Arena!
The stage had been set for IGNITE! fringe events. The lights were blinking, the audience were roaring and the music was consuming the atmosphere as Jammerz Arena took on the South Agora stage to kick off their pre-IGNITE! show, “Let The Flames Begin” on 4 Aug.
NETBALLUXION 2014 Street Netball Carnival
On 5 Jul, Republic Polytechnic sent out 3 teams of netballers to play for RP at the NETBALLUXION 2014 Street Netball Carnival. The carnival provided the team the chance to play alongside with more experienced players from different institutions.
Bright stage lights, big stage set up and taking part in major music events, ORANGECOVE made their way to the top with their fun, upbeat and electrifying music. Like their music, the members of ORANGECOVE are the same onstage and offstage – genuine and passionate.
On 3 Aug, our very own athletes from ‘Republic Polytechnic Road Race Team’ spent their Sunday morning running for a good cause at East Coast Park!
A Blast from the Past to Present
Known for their unique acoustic take on a wide spectrum of music, Replug never fails to draw a crowd at their sets around campus. The group first started in 2006 and have been playing many shows around Republic Polytechnic ever since.
Becoming YouTube Famous
The IGNITE! team was delighted to have Janice Chiang from TreePotatoes on 7 August to advise the students how they could be a YouTube sensation.