OSG Monthly Republic Polytechnic
• Office of Student and Graduate Affairs • February 2015 •
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SP Outdoor Archery Open 2015
Republic Polytechnic Archery took part in the annual Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Outdoor Archery Open competition. This yearly competition is a rare opportunity for RP archers to compete with all the other archers around Singapore.
3 Months Competitions Victories - Intellectual Games
RP Intellectual Games’ president and captain, Francis Khew, did not go home empty handed after competing in 3 different Chinese Chess competitions.
Singapore Quest 2015
On a blissful Saturday morning of 24 January 2015, 8 teams of 5 each representing various Interest Groups from Republic Polytechnic (RP) came together and took part in the very first Singapore Quest adventure race.
Social Service Offices
Social Service Offices (SSOs) are located island-wide to serve HDB residents who may have fallen on hard times and need help. SSO administers social assistances (i.e. ComCare) and coordinates other services provided by community partners such as voluntary welfare organisations.
Cue Sports Friendly Match against NUS & SIT
For the past 6 years, RP Cue Sports have competed against other local Polytechnics and Universities. On the 31st of January and 7th of February 2015, Cue Sports IG held its first friendly match of the year against NUS and SIT Cue Sports Teams.
Heartfelt Thanks from a Mentee
Many students submitted their feedback and eagerly wanted to nominate their mentors for the “100 Most Appreciated Mentors Award AY2014/15”. The stories shared by the mentees are heartwarming and touching.
International Tertiary Tennis Series 2015 – Exposure for all tennis athletes
Early January 2015 marked a significant day for most athletes in the Republic Polytechnic Tennis team, especially the Year 1s who have never joined any major tournament before.
Needy Student Fund
The Needy Student Fund is initiated to help students from low-income families tide over their financial difficulties or unprecedented crisis due to various reasons (i.e. loss of main breadwinner in the family, hospitalisation…etc.).
NYAA Gold Awardee benefited from participating in NYAA Programme
When I first started the NYAA Programme, I was close to the cut-off age of 25. I was apprehensive how I would be able to complete this journey in time. Learning is a life-long process and one never stops learning regardless of how old the person is.
Ministry of Education (MOE)'s Special Educational Needs (SEN)
Ministry of Education (MOE)'s Special Education Needs Fund is made available for students that might require different and/or additional resources beyond what is conventionally available.
RP-Sembawang CSC Annual Street Netball Carnival 2014
Last year on 22 Nov 2014, we were given the opportunity to collaborate with Sembawang CSC in the annual street netball carnival. The carnival was held at RP’s Competition and Badminton Halls.
Swift X-Country 2015
On the 24th January 2015, Republic Polytechnic’s Long Distance team took part in the annual prominent Swift Cross Country at Bedok Reservoir. Two men’s teams were sent to compete under the men’s open category.
Synergy 2015
Synergy 2015 – the NYP Adventure Race which started off at Anchorvale was flagged off at 9am sharp and we found ourselves paddling through the water in kayaks.
Wellness Bonanza – A little something for everyone!
‘Building Health Relationships” was the highlighted theme for the months of January and February 2015.