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• Office of Student and Graduate Affairs • June 2012 •

Student Assistance Schemes

Student Pocket Money Scheme (SPMS)

SPMS helps students from low income families supplement food and transport costs to school.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time student in Republic Polytechnic
  • Household Per capital Income ≤ S$450
  • Must be Singapore citizen or Permanent Residents
  • No disciplinary record

The disbursement amount is $90 per month for a maximum of 3 months per semester. The final application deadline for Semester 1, Academic Year 2012/13 is 15th August 2012.

Student Emergency Money Scheme (SEMS)

Students facing financial difficulties as a result of a recent family crisis (eg. hospitalization, death, retrenchment) may apply for the Student Emergency Money Scheme at any time.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time student in Republic Polytechnic
  • Household Per capital Income ≤ S$500
  • Recent Emergency and/or crisis situation (i.e. death, hospitalisation, accident, retrenchment) that results in an urgent need of money to tide through

Please visit http://www.myrp.sg/osg/sw/aboutus_sw_needyfund.asp for more details on how to apply for SPMS and SEMS.


MILK (Mainly I Love Kids) scholarship helps students from low-income families who have extenuating circumstances afford tuition fees. The scholarship awards successful recipients $5,000 per academic year, mainly to offset tuition fees and school-related expenses.

The application is by invitation only. Applicants are either referred by their mentors or are students who have sought financial assistance and have been assessed to require further financial help.

Quotes from Student Recipients:

"Thank you! I can concentrate on my studies without worrying about my school fees and expenses."

"The scholarship gives me motivation to do well in my studies."

"I am able to buy the necessary materials for my studies with this money"

GIRO Account for Financial Assistance Disbursement

From AY2012/13 onwards, all students are required to apply a GIRO account with Republic Polytechnic for disbursement of monies from financial assistance schemes.

Do You Know?

Some students had submitted applications for GIRO accounts and they encountered unsuccessful processing. The common reasons for bank rejection of GIRO applications are as follows:

  • Signature/thumbprint differs from financial institution's records
  • Amendment made by correction fluid is not allowed
  • Signature irregular
  • Thumbprint must be verified & witnessed at respective bank branches
  • Amendment not countersigned by applicant

To avoid slow processing time and the hassles of re-applying, students are reminded to be careful of the above points when submitting the necessary documents. Thank you.

Article by Chee Pei Ling, Senior Executive/Office of Student and Graduate Affairs
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