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• Office of Student and Graduate Affairs • Jun 2015 •
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A Momentous Maturity for Momentum
On the 29th and 30th May, dance groups from all over Singapore gathered together for a celebration of the collective consciousness that was built over the past seven years.
Music comes aLive!
Music – everyone loves it, but no one really has the exact same music taste. Most people usually prefer sticking to their own music, but when it gets to the point where you’re sick of what you’re hearing on your playlist; it happens – let’s face it, how do you look for new music?
Congratulations to RP’s HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Awardees
The HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Awards are presented to recognise youths between the ages of 14 and 25 years for their commitment and contributions to environment and nature conservation in Singapore.
On the 2nd of April
On the 2nd of April, my PFP class E37E and I came back to school during the holidays to carry out our very last project for the semester. As a team, we gave this project our best shot.
IGNITE! Music Festival is back!
After seven successful runs since 2008, Republic Polytechnic (RP) and The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) are pleased to present IGNITE! Music Festival 2015. With the participation of more than 600 students, the annual music festival prides itself with a fully run concert by students of RP.
IGNITE! The Compassion
On the 14th of June, close to 100 students were part of IGNITE!'s service learning project with Very Special Arts (VSA). Back for its seventh year running, VSA is a nationwide concert by artists from the special needs community.
From bars to Universal Music Singapore
Home-grown local act Gentle Bones takes the Music Matters Live stage for the second year running, but this time, it’s a whole new different ball game.
Glen Check wowed crowd at Music Matters Live 2015
Glen Check, a South Korean Indie band consisting of singer and guitar player June-One Kim, bass and synthesizer player Hyuk-Jun Kang and drummer Jeon-Yeol Ryu, were part of the set list on the 21st.
K-Pop Night Out at Music Matters Live 2015
Anticipation and excitement were evident in the air as everyone strained their necks to look out for the last K-Pop Night Out act.
K-Pop Night Out with a twist
The Fountain stage in Clarke Quay transformed into a mini Korea for about three hours on May 21, 2015 with KPOP Night Out showcase as part of the Music Matters Live festival this year.
Taken by Take Two
Take Two returns once again for Music Matters Live and delivered a set that proved why they are among the rising local artists in Singapore.
The New Beach Boys
The Beach Boys influenced band, Teen Sensations, performed at Music Matters for the first time and shook things up with the surf rock genre that was sure to bring memories back to many of elderlies.
Raw, funky and definitely, Wicked
Known for their punk rock batucada band, Wicked Aura hit this year’s stage at Music Matters Live (MML) for the very first time.
The B-Side of Pinas
From 20th to 23rd May, four Filipino prides took on Music Matters Live 2015 and wowed the crowd with another side of Filipino music – from electronic music production to acoustic and even pop rock.
Laptop Assistance
Republic Polytechnic (RP) provides laptop assistance to new students who are from lower income families to cope with their laptop needs.
Ministry of Education (MOE)'s Special Educational Needs (SEN)
Ministry of Education (MOE)'s Special Education Needs Fund is made available for students that might require different and/or additional resources beyond what is conventionally available.