OSG Monthly Republic Polytechnic
• Office of Student and Graduate Affairs • Jun 2016 •
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The True Meaning of One Heart
Although the 400 participants left One Heart at Republic Polytechnic 2016 on May 14 with heavy hearts, they brought home beautiful memories of the happy times they shared during the event.
Are you ready to battle for BRAG? Register now!
Form your teams from your respective schools and register through your School Representatives by filling up the respective game’s registration form by 15 July 2016!
It is a wrap for Momentum Dance Festival 2016. Once again, our audiences’ left the theatre filled with inspiration from the performances at this year’s Dance Festival.
An Early Touch to the Season
Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) touch football team, affectionately known as RP Rainbows, represented the school in the Singapore Junior Touch Championship (SJTC) tournament earlier this year.
Nusantara Arts
Nusantara Arts will be embarking on a 3-month project in conjunction with Bulan Bahasa 2016, an annual event by the Malay Language Council, Singapore under the National Heritage Board (NHB).
Local Service-Learning at Singapore Christian Home
On 7th May 2016, 30 students from various Engineering Diplomas, together with DIOM facilitators participated in a local service-learning project at Singapore Christian Home.
Pre University Seminar 2016
600 students from JCs and Polytechnics participated in Pre-U Sem 2016, hosted by Hwa Chong Institute. It was a 4D3N overnight seminar held at NTU.
Register for the Singapore National Games 2016 now!
The Singapore National Games 2016 (SNG16) will be spanning from 30th July to 7th August.