OSG Monthly Republic Polytechnic
• Office of Student and Graduate Affairs • September 2014 •
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AL Club Kayaking Expedition to Pulau Sibu, Malaysia
“Smooth sea does not make a skilful sailor” – an African proverb that would describe a group of 21 AL Clubbers from Republic Polytechnic Adventure Learning Club who braved the seas around the island of Sibu (Pulau Sibu) located off the eastern coast of Malaysia on 23 Jun.
Radiate Love and Do Things With Sincerity (ISLP – Dental Mission 5)
That feeling of euphoria still tingled within us. We were able to express our love and were truly capable of reaching out to those who were in need of a helping hand.
Battle Republic Annual Games (BRAG) 2014
Do you have what it takes to “BRAG” it? Established in 2007, Battle Republic Annual Games (BRAG) is an inter-school/centre competition that comprises a series of games such as basketball, soccer, floorball, netball, volleyball and others.
Opportunity Fund
Opportunity Fund is available for Singapore citizens on full-time diploma programme. Click to read more!
Needy Student Fund
The Needy Student Fund is initiated to help students from low-income families tide over their financial difficulties or unprecedented crisis due to various reasons (i.e. loss of main breadwinner in the family, hospitalisation…etc).
POL-ITE Games (Season 1) AY14/15 - Congratulations To Our Teams!
Click to view more details on POL-ITE Games (Season 1) AY14/15 Results.
Chinese Chess Captain Got His Birthday Present
Many would spend their 21st birthday at a chalet or party but Republic Polytechnic Intellectual Games President, also the Captain and coach of the Chinese Chess team, Francis Khew Guan Jie, spent his at a Chinese Chess Competition on 16 Aug.
NAPFA Training Tips
All the best for your NAPFA training and ace your NAPFA test! Do join us during the October holidays for our training sessions.
Our Expert trainers will help you improve!
A melting pot of traditions, colours and new perspectives: Reflections Arts Festival 2014
Every year, the arts community in Republic Polytechnic looks forward to the commencement of the Arts Festival in Oct and Nov. Republic Polytechnic’s Community Arts Festival, ‘Reflections’, is set to amaze RP with its music, dance, theatre and visual arts extravaganza in the 3-week programme line up.
SAFRA Bay Run 2014
On the morning of 31st August, athletes from Republic Polytechnic Road Race Team rose up early for the annual SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon. Despite the early morning, more than 46,000 runners turned up at the Esplanade Bridge, where the race was organised.