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  • Supporting Lifelong Learning

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    Republic Polytechnic has partnered the National Silver Academy (NSA) to offer a wide range of learning opportunities for seniors to learn for interest and stay active. Beginning June 2016, Singaporean citizens aged 50 and above can look forward to attending short courses, exam-free modules and ad hoc learning opportunities offered by RP. 

    • Short Courses are geared toward life-skills-oriented courses. Eligible seniors aged 50 above will receive a subsidy of up to 50% off the course fee.
    • Exam-free Modules are drawn from existing full-qualification programmes offered by RP for a token fee. These modules allow seniors to attend alongside regular students who are taking these modules for credit, but they do not need to sit for examinations.
    • Ad Hoc Learning Opportunities refer to intergenerational learning programme which pairs students with seniors to learn about selected topics. One such example was the rpBuddy podiatry workshop targeted at seniors in North West Zone as part of RP's SG50 celebration event last year.

    Upcoming NSA Short Courses

    Programme  Apply for Programme  Course Dates  Application Closing Date 
    Portrait Drawing  CLOSED 13 September 2017 13 August 2017
    Golden Nutrition    25 May 2018 25 April 2018
    Fundamental in Java Programming  CLOSED 13 September 2017 13 August 2017
    Cyber Security for Everyone  CLOSED 22 September 2017 22 August 2017
    New Media and You  CLOSED 22 September 2017 22 August 2017
    Does your shoe fit or not? (English)  CLOSED 3 October 2017 3 September 2017
    Clean Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency  CLOSED 5 October 2017 -
    Active Ageing: Live Long, Live Strong  CLOSED 6 October 2017 6 September 2017
    How to Make Biofertillizers  CLOSED 10 October 2017 10 September 2017
    Ageing Strong    30 March 2018 28 Feburary 2018
    Basic UAV Videography Workshop  CLOSED 20-21 October 2017      20 September 2017
    Basic Barista and Coffee Appreciation     10 March 2018 18 Feb 2018
    Basic Chocolate Production Technique Workshop  CLOSED 4 November 2017 4 October 2017
    Basic Enriched Bread Making    12 March 2018 18 Feb 2018
    Basic Shortcrust Pastry  CLOSED 18 November 2017 18 October 2017
    Active Learning through Problem-Based Learning (PBL)  CLOSED 6 December 2017 6 November 2017
    Easy Delicious Nyonya Kuih-kuih     7 March 2018 18 Feb 2018
    Nutritional Soups & Immunity Boosters    9 March 2018 18 Feb 2018
    Functional Training for the Elderly    21 March 2018 21 Feburary 2018
    Caring for the Elderly    19 March 2018 19 Feburary 2018
    The Art of Travel Photography  TBC 23, 25 and 27 January 2018 TBC
    Manufacture of Advanced Composites CLOSED October Intake  
    Motor Control and Sports Biomechanics CLOSED October Intake  
    Human Anatomy and Kinesiology CLOSED October Intake  
    Android Phone Development CLOSED October Intake  

    Find out more about National Silver Academy at

    Republic Polytechnic reserves the right to make changes to the course fee and application closing dates without prior notice. The commencement of each course is subject to sufficient number of participants.

    All full-time and associate staff, full-time students and Club Republic members of Republic Polytechnic enjoy a 10% discount off the nett fee payable. Visit RP Graduates' Portal at to register as a Club Republic member. Terms and Conditions apply.

    All information is accurate at the time of publishing.



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