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  • Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

    With the help of trained ECG counsellors, RP students will be exposed to a wide range of education and career options, and given opportunities to make informed education and career choices.

    Through ECG, students will be encouraged to learn more about their own interests, abilities and passions. By exploring the learning or education pathways and career opportunities available across different industries, you can take positive steps towards realising your aspirations, as well as embrace learning throughout your life


    Enhanced Internship (EI)

    RP has taken an active role in forming industry partnerships and collaborations, and provided all its students with internship placements. The next step is to enhance these internships by increasing the baseline internship duration from 16 weeks to between 20 weeks and 24 weeks, for a more structured and well-supported learning environment for students.


    Young Talent Programme (YTP)

    RP students who have been selected to participate in overseas internships/ industrial attachment programmes and hybrid work-study programmes, may be eligible for co-funding from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore under YTP to cover their daily overseas living expenses.


    Earn and Learn Programme (ELP)

    Under the ELP, fresh graduates can benefit from mentorship and a structured career pathway, through a work-study programme. RP is the Programme Managers for the following sectors:

    • Logistics
    • Hotel Operations & Management sector
    • Biomedical Sciences
    • Sports and Wellness

    SkillsFuture in RP

    The new SkillsFuture initiatives will enhance RP's existing efforts to help students achieve skills mastery and contribute effectively to the workforce. SKillsFuture, as a national initiative, will also help employer acquire and train skilled workers, as well as assist employees in their career ambitions and skills upgrading.

    At the moment, RP is focusing on four main areas - developing Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Enhanced Internship, Young Talent Programme (YTP) and the Earn and Learn Programme (ELP).


    Education and Career Guidance


    ⇓ What is Education and Career Guidance?

    Education and Career Guidance (ECG) is about equipping students as well as adults with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed education and career decisions.

    Through ECG, students and adults will be encouraged to learn more about their own interests, abilities and passions. By exploring the learning or education pathways and career opportunities available across different industries, you can take positive steps towards realising your aspirations, as well as embrace learning throughout your life.


    ⇓ Key Initiatives

    Polytechnic students will receive more systematic EC through a common set of ECG outcomes and learning objectives, which were jointly developed by MOE and the post-secondary education institutions to improve the quality and consistency of ECG provided.

    This will be delivered over a minimum duration of 40-60 hours across three years for polytechnic students starting from April 2015 for first-year polytechnic students. The content will focus on helping students develop skills to make career choices and transit from schools to the workplace. Learning objectives are incorporated into existing academic modules and dedicated lessons on career-related topics. The curriculum will also be delivered out-of-classroom activities including industry immersion programmes, talks, workshops, and individual and group career guidance sessions.

    Adults may access career and training advisory services through the Singapore Workforce Development Agency's (WDA) network of career centres. New workforce entrants, mid-career switchers or individuals in career transition can benefit from the suite of services provided by the career centres. The services include career coaching, employability skills workshops, networking sessions and more.


    ⇓ ECG Key Messages


    ⇓ How will RP students benefit from ECG?

    Students will benefit from more structured education and career guidance. This will allow you to make informed decisions on what to study, or learn which career might suit you best. You will then be able to transit more smoothly into the career of your choice.

    Working adults can benefit from career coaching and training advisory services tailored to your needs. This will help to make informed choices related to your career.

    ⇓ Where can you find out more information?

    For more information about specific career guidance programmes, please click on the following link: www.rp.edu.sg/studentcareer/index.


    Enhanced Internship


    ⇓ Objectives of Enhanced Internship

    • To provide students with a more meaningful experience and better support for structured learning at the workplace.
    • To develop an integrated, high quality system of education, training and career development that responds to constantly evolving industry needs.

    ⇓ What RP does for students?

    • Structured Learning outcomes
    • Mandatory pre-internship briefing
    • Internship Preparatory Training
    • Increased duration to minimum 20 weeks to 24 weeks
    • Joint assessment by company supervisor and school liaison officer
    • Group insurance coverage

    ⇓ Where can I find more information about the internship programme in RP?

    For more information on the internship programme, please click on the following link: www.rp.edu.sg/Internship.

    Young Talent Programme


    ⇓ Objectives of Young Talent Programme

    The Young Talent Programme (YTP) helps young talent have a meaningful international immersion experience and to better prepare them for future global careers. This SkillsFuture initiative is driven by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore.


    ⇓ How YTP works for you?

    Republic Polytechnic students, who have been selected to participate in overseas internships/industrial attachment programmes and hybrid work-study programmes, may be eligible for co-funding from IE Singapore under the Young Talent Programme (YTP) to cover their daily overseas living expenses.


    ⇓ How RP students will benefit from YTP?

    Republic Polytechnic students will have more opportunities to gain valuable overseas working experience, international experience and thus will be more prepared to take on global careers. Students will receive a subsistence allowance for the duration of the programme while you are still studying.


    ⇓ Where can you find out more??

    For more information on YTP, please click on the following link: www.rp.edu.sg/ytp.


    Earn and Learn Programme


    ⇓ What is Earn and Learn Programme?

    The SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme (ELP) is a work-study programme which provides fresh graduates from polytechnics and ITEs a head start in careers related to their discipline of study. Through ELP, fresh graduates have more opportunities to hone their skills and knowledge that was acquired in school, which allows a smoother transition from school to the workforce. In addition, there is a structured career progression pathway within participating companies that fresh graduates can look forward to.


    ⇓ How ELP works for you

    Fresh graduates will be matched with a job related to your discipline of study and undergo a 12- to 18-month structured training programme, depending on the sector and job requirements. The ELP consists of three components: (i) facilitated learning (ii) on-the-job training and (iii) work-based projects which are excellent platforms for fresh graduates to deepen your skills at the workplace.

    Guidance and support from assigned mentors at the company will be provided to ensure there is continual skills development for you. A well-structured career progression pathway is in place and this will be in line with the company's talent development plan.

    At the end of the Earn and Learn Programme, you will receive an industry-recognised certification and potential wage progression or career advancement based on your performance.


    ⇓ How you will benefit from ELP

    Eligible fresh graduates can benefit from the following:

    • Sign-on incentive of $5,000 (for Singapore Citizens)
    • Competitive starting salary and full time employment
    • Industry-recognised certification
    • Skills deepening through OJT ad facilitated learning
    • Wage increments and meaningful career advancement pathways upon successful programme completion and satisfactory job performance

    ⇓ Eligibility criteria

    Fresh polytechnic and ITE graduates who are Singaporeans or PRs may participate in the programme. However, only Singaporeans will receive the sign-on incentive of $5,000. Fresh graduates are defined as those individuals who are hired by participating companies within 12 months after their graduation from the polytechnics or ITE (based on the graduation date as stated on the Diploma/NITEC/Higher NITEC certificates).

    For male participants who need to serve National Service (NS), the 12-month period will start from their operationally-ready date (ORD).

    Current employees with less than 5 years working experience in the relevant Industry and meet the academic entry requirements are eligible to apply.


    ⇓ What are the ELPs available?

     ELP Log 

    Click the image above to view the list of ELPs

    ⇓ What are the ELPs offered by RP?

    Polytechnic Graduates


     ELP Log 1 

    Click on the image to view the details 

     Hotel ELP 1 

    Click on the image to view the details 

    ITE Graduates


     ELP Log 

    Click on the image to view the details 


    ⇓ Logistics ELP Video

    Participants will undergo a 12-month structured training programme including on-the-job training, facilitated/e-Learning training and company-based projects leading to a Specialist Diploma.


    ⇓ Who should I contact to know more about the ELP?

    Programme Name Contact Person Email
    Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management Mr Wee Lian Chian wee_lian_chian@rp.edu.sg  
    Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Business Management Mr Fu Chuan Chong fu_chuan_chong@rp.edu.sg 
    SkillsFuture ELP leading to a Diploma in Business Practice (Hospitality Management) Mr Fu Chuan Chong fu_chuan_chong@rp.edu.sg 

    ⇓ How can I enrol for the ELPs at RP?

    For ELP course enrolment, please visit www.rp.edu.sg/ace_elp.

    ⇓ FAQ




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