Certificate In China Business Perspectives Programme (CCBPP)

School of Management and Communication, Certificate In China Business Perspectives

What You Will Learn

Through the programme, students will gain knowledge on upcoming developments in China such as the Belt and Road Initiative, Digital Economy and Made in China 2025 initiatives. It will also allow students to understand the dynamism of China, the world’s second largest economy and how to navigate the challenges of working and doing business in China.


This programme is well-aligned with key recommendations from the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) report 2017 to deepen international connections. The programme aims to help students achieve the following outcomes:

  • Acquire essential knowledge about the economic development and culture of China
  • Describe the general business climate of China today
  • Explain Singapore-China relations, and collaborations between Singapore and China
  • Describe the values, behaviours, thinking and decision-making processes of the Chinese government officials and business executives
  • Describe how to manage cross-cultural business interactions in China to achieve win-win outcomes

Course Fee

  • Students are required to pay a course fee of S$180 (excluding GST) for the certificate programme
  • Students who have failed one module will be allowed to repeat the said module in the next run but he/she would have to pay a separate course fee for the repeated module


For students interested in applying, please pre-register via SharePoint at the link here here.


For enquiries, please e-mail Ms Carol Danker.


Understanding Contemporary China Business Perspectives

This is an introductory module for students to understand the economic developments in China and gain new perspectives on the Chinese Business Environment. Students will be introduced to the considerations, dynamics and strategies of running an international business in China. Students will discover the dynamic changes in the business environment of China (such as “One Belt, One Road”, “Digital Economy”, “Made in China 2025” initiatives) and its impact on the international business. Students will also delve into contemporary strategies for starting and operating an international business and learn how to manage the key functions of the international business in China. Key concepts and terminologies will be introduced in both English and Chinese to provide students with better contextual knowledge.

Cross-Cultural Management in China

This module introduces students to broad principles and issues related to cross-cultural business interactions in China, as well as provide opportunities for students to develop cross-cultural networking, communication and negotiation skills.  Students will learn to communicate and negotiate effectively with business contacts and develop strategies to close the cultural gap. This module will allow students to understand the protocol, manners and culture of China to allow them to better interact with the Chinese counterparts in future. It will also bring across the Dos and Don’ts of Chinese etiquette and how to apply the basic principles of hosting Chinese counterparts. Key concepts and terminology will be introduced in both English and Chinese to provide students with better contextual knowledge.


  • Lessons will be scheduled on weekday evenings (6.00pm-9.00pm) during term time.
  • There will be no lessons during Mid-Semester Examination (MSA) or End-Semester Examination (ESE) period.
  • There will be no lessons on Public Holiday.
  • A minimum attendance rate of 80% is required in order to pass the module
  • The duration of each classroom lesson is three hours. The total number of contact hours for each module is 30. The module would be delivered via interactive seminars (IS), industry visits, sharing sessions with industry speakers and e-learning.
  • The completion of all 2 modules span across a period of 9 months between April 2022 to January 2023.
  • No Daily RJ submission and examinations. The assessment will be based on the submitted group project, individual presentation, individual reflection journal and peer assessment.

The programme is open to all RP students with minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in Year 1 Semester 2.

The estimated number of students for the AY2022/2023 intake is 40.

Eligible students will be notified and commence the programme with effect from Semester 1 in AY2022/2023.


As there are limited vacancies, selection may be done via interviews. Students who have a strong interest in China and want to gain a better understanding of China’s economy, business environment, Chinese culture, and China’s digitalisation will be preferred.

Further Studies

Certificate In China Business Perspectives Programme prepares graduates for further education in the university in areas including cross-cultural management and Chinese economic policy, and various career pathways which require a solid understanding of the Chinese business environment.

Last updated on 10 Jan 2022

Important Dates

Joint Admissions Exercise

Application for Intake AY2022 will open in January 2022.

Polytechnic Foundation Programme Admissions Exercise (PFPAE)

Application for Intake AY2022 will open in January 2022.

Direct Admissions Exercise

Application for Intake AY2022

  • Other Qualifications: November 2021 and January 2022
  • O-Levels, ITE and Working Adults: January - March 2022

Early Admissions Exercise

Intake for AY2022 has closed.