Early Admissions Exercise for ITE Students (EAE-I)

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Early Admissions Exercise for ITE students (EAE-I)


To find out more about the diploma courses offered by RP courses, you may: 


The EAE-I application window for Intake Year 2021 will open from 11 Jun 2020 to 17 Jun 2020. To participate, you are required to:.

  • Submit the application online through the EAE portal (only this mode of application will be accepted)

  • Sign up for an EAE account with a valid email account and password

  • Indicate up to 3 choices in your application (can be from different polytechnics) (Note: As the choice order matters, please indicate your most preferred course as your first choice)

  • Provide write-ups in application: (1) Reason(s) for course selection (up to 600 characters), (2) Talents and/or achievements (up to 1,000 characters)


From 6 Jul 2020 to 1 Sep 2020, you may be shortlisted to attend an interview. The interview is in place to: 

  • Provide an interface for you to interact with the interviewers

  • Allow the interviewers to evaluate your understanding of the course(s) that you have applied for and assess your suitability for the course(s) through your write-up(s) indicated in your application

Posting Outcome

The posting outcome will be released online through the EAE portal on 7 Sep 2020. 

  • Login to the EAE portal using your NRIC and password to check the outcome of your application.

  • If your application is successful, you are required to confirm the acceptance of the posting by 10 Sep 2020 via the EAE portal. A non-response will be deemed as a rejection of the offer.

  • Should you change your mind after accepting the posting, you are required to submit your withdrawal online via the EAE portal by 16 Oct 2020.


More enrolment details will be sent to your email by end February. Click here to find out more about:

  • How to proceed with online enrolment
  • What to do after enrolment
  • Additional information about matters pertaining to National Service (NS), course fees and financial assistance