Early Admissions Exercise for ITE Students (EAE-I)

Early Admissions Exercise for ITE qualification (EAE-I)


You can search for your desired RP courses online or browse through our collaterals such as the RP Prospectus. You can also attend events such as the RP Open House and Course Counselling sessions to find out more about our diploma courses.


Application for entry to Intake Year 2019 will open from 7 Jun 2018 to 13 Jun 2018. Application is done online through EAE(I) portal.

To participate in the EAE(I), you are required to sign up for an EAE(I) account.
  • An email with your login password will be sent to you after you have done so.

  • You can apply for a maximum of 3 courses within a single polytechnic or a single course at 3 different polytechnics or any other combination.

  • You are to submit a brief write-up detailing your interest, aptitude and talents in the areas related to the course(s) that you wish to be considered. Do elaborate further on your other achievements, CCA activities and leadership qualities.


Applicants who have applied through the EAE may be shortlisted and invited to attend an interview.
  • The interview is designed to assess your aptitude and your suitability for the course through your write-up indicated in your application.

  • It provides an interface for you to interact with the interviewers and allows them to evaluate your understanding and aptitude for your course that you have applied for.

Posting Outcome

The outcome of your application will be released online through the EAE(I) portal on 27 Aug 2018. Login using your NRIC and password via the EAE(I) portal to check the posting results.

Acceptance of Conditional Offer
  • If you are posted, you are required to indicate acceptance of the posting latest by 30 Aug 2018 via the EAE(I) portal. 

  • If you change your mind after accepting the posting, you must withdraw by submitting online at the EAE(I) portal latest by 5 Oct 2018. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to participate in the Joint Polytechnic Admissions Exercise (JPAE) and other polytechnic admission exercises. 

Confirmation of Conditional Offer
Upon release of your final GPA:
  • If you have accepted your conditional offer and met the GPA requirement, your EAE(I) offer will be confirmed. You will not be eligible to take part in JPAE and other polytechnic admissions exercises.

  • If you have accepted your conditional offer but do not meet the GPA requirement, your EAE(I) offer will be revoked.


Online Enrolment
All students with confirmed offers will receive their enrolment details via their registered email address. You must complete the online enrolment steps in April 2019 by the stipulated date in your enrolment letter. The online enrolment steps include
  • Acceptance of course

  • Update of Personal Particulars

  • Payment of enrolment fee and update of finance matters

For more information on online enrolment, click here.

On-site Enrolment
You are required to complete all on-site enrolment tasks during your scheduled on-site enrolment day. The tasks are
  • Undergo Medical Examination

  • Submission of enrolment forms

  • Photo-taking for RP Student Card

  • Completion of Financial Forms

  • Purchase and/or Configuration of Laptop

For more information on on-site enrolment, click here

After Enrolment

Once you have completed the required online and on-site enrolment tasks, you will be registered as a first year RP student.
  • You can attend the RP Orientation Programme to get to know your fellow peers and your surroundings. For more information on the RP Orientation Programme, click here.

  • You can also log in to OASIS or LEO through your configured laptop to check your classes on the first day of school