Enrolment Guide

Enrolment Guide

Conditions for Enrolment

For all students

a. Student must receive the letter of offer and the enrolment package from Republic Polytechnic (RP).

b. Student must accept only one offer if student has received more than one offer arising from the applications student has submitted during the different admission exercises.

c. Student must complete the enrolment procedures within the timeline stipulated by the Polytechnic.

d. Student must provide true and accurate information as required in the Enrolment Form.

e. Student must complete and submit relevant documents as part of the enrolment procedures, such as Declaration and Consent Form, Pre-Enrolment Medical Form, Tuition Grant Form, GIRO form, Post-Secondary Education Account (if relevant), as required by the Polytechnic.

f. Student must undergo a Pre-Enrolment Medical Checkup, and provide a full declaration of any medical conditions or disability.

Additional Conditions for International Students Only

g. International students must appoint a Local Representative to pursue their studies in RP.

h. International students must collect the Student’s Pass that is issued by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore before starting the enrolment procedures.

i. International students must pay their fees in full as part of the procedures to complete enrolment.

If any of the above conditions are not met, RP reserves the right to:

  • rescind the letter of offer sent to students;

  • void the completed student enrolment;

  • disallow the student to complete the enrolment and

  • to administratively withdraw the student enrolment

Step-by-step instructions on enrolment process

All applicants who have been offered a placement in RP are required to complete the enrolment process to confirm their registration as a RP student.

The enrolment process consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Online Enrolment

Before you commence your online enrolment, you must:
  1. Check that you have received an email to notify you on your enrolment.

  2. Read the Offer Acceptance Handbook. Applicants who have been offered a confirmed placement in RP will receive a copy of the Offer Acceptance Handbook, Freshmen Guide and Forms Booklet by post or by self-collection. An electronic version of the documents can be downloaded here.

Log in to the online enrolment portal and use the following information to enrol.
  1. Student ID*


  3. Date of Birth

* Your Student ID is located in the enrolment letter which is sent to offered applicants via email or enclosed in their hardcopy enrolment package.

Once logged in to the online enrolment portal, applicants are required to complete the following 3 steps.
  1. Acceptance of course

  2. Confirmation of Personal Particulars*

  3. Update of finance matters and payment of enrolment fee

After the successful completion of your online enrolment, you will receive a confirmation email from RP to indicate the completion of your online enrolment.

If you do not complete your enrolment process by the due date, RP will lapse the diploma course offer made to you.

* Students who have been offered a placement in RP will be required to declare their existing medical conditions in Step 2, Confirmation of Personal Particulars of the online enrolment process.

For students who have declared their medical conditions, they may be contacted by RP to determine the severity of their medical conditions, and offered alternative courses if they are found to be unsuitable for the diploma course, based on his/her medical condition.

Step 2: Onsite Enrolment

You should have completed your online enrolment before you come to RP to complete your onsite enrolment process.

Please refer to your enrolment letter for your scheduled onsite enrolment date and time.

You will be required to come to RP campus to complete the onsite enrolment process (refer to your enrolment letter/email for the on-site enrolment venue). Bring your NRIC and your Next-of-Kin (NOK)'s NRIC/identification document during on-site enrolment for registration.

There are 4 key tasks that students need to complete during their onsite enrolment in RP:
  1. Undergo Medical Examination

  2. Submission of Forms (Including financial forms)

  3. Photo Taking for RP Student Card

  4. Purchase/Configuration of Laptop

Required Medical Examination
It is compulsory for all new students to go undergo a medical examination. Students can choose to complete their medical examination at:
  1. SATA Commhealth clinics

  2. Private/ Public clinics 

Submission of Forms
Students must complete and submit the following 2 compulsory enrolment forms to RP during their scheduled onsite enrolment dates.
  1. Medical Report Form

  2. Declaration and Consent Form

Besides the enrolment forms, students are also required to submit the compulsory financial forms. Refer to your Freshmen Guide for more details.

Click here for more information on the financial schemes offered at RP.

Photo Taking for RP Student Card
All new students are required to have their photographs taken during their onsite enrolment period for the issuance of the RP Student Card.
  • The card will serve as an identification document during examinations, participation in student activities or request of services in RP.
  • The photo taking service in RP during the onsite enrolment period is free of charge.

Purchase/Configuration of Laptop
Students are required to have a working laptop as part of learning requirements in RP.
  • The laptop must be configured by RP IT Helpdesk during the scheduled onsite enrolment period before students can access various learning platforms (e.g. OASIS, LEO).
  • Students can choose to purchase their laptops at the Laptop Roadshow during the onsite enrolment period.
  • You can click here to find out more about the roadshow and configuration exercise at RP.

Things to do after Successful Enrolment
Once you have completed the required online and on-site enrolment tasks, you will be registered as a first year RP student.
  • You can attend the RP Orientation Programme to get to know your fellow peers and your surroundings. For more information on the RP Orientation Programme, click here.
  • You can also log in to OASIS or LEO through your configured laptop to check your classes on the first day of school

- Footnote -
Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) Student’s Pass (For international students)
  • All international students who have been offered a place in RP are required to hold a valid Student’s Pass before they commence their course of study in RP.
  • All international students are required to collect and produce their ICA Student’s Pass during their scheduled onsite enrolment period for verification. The payment of their first semester’s tuition fees should only be made after verification of their ICA Student’s Pass.
  • For applicants who fail to have a valid ICA Student’s Pass at the start of the academic term, their offers will be deemed to have lapsed.


Students may click on the links in the table below to download a copy of the enrolment items.

Offer Acceptance Handbook Download
Freshmen’s Guide Download
Forms Pack (For Singapore Citizens) Download
Forms Pack (For Permanent Residents) Download
Forms Pack (For International Students) Download
PFP Freshmen Guide Download
PFP Forms pack Download