Tips to Ace your Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)

EAE is an aptitude-based Admissions Exercise which considers students who demonstrate strong interests and passion in a specific course, as well as their non-academic talents and achievements in areas such as sports, arts, community service, leadership, and other outstanding accomplishments. 

In order to succeed in your EAE application, you will need to highlight your strengths, talents, and achievements and prepare a portfolio on these aspects.

Watch this video and check out these five simple tips on how you stand out from the crowd and ace your EAE application!

Application Period

#1 Application Period

Look out for the EAE in June 2021. Applications are done online via MOE's Early Admissions Exercise Application Portal.

Shortlist your Courses

#2 Shortlist your Courses

You can apply for up to three courses in the EAE. These courses should be the ones you have a strong interest and aptitude in. Remember to consider the MERs of the courses because your O-Level results will need to meet these requirements. 


#3 Submit your Write-ups

For each course, you need to prepare a 600-character write-up which should show your strengths, talents, and achievements related to that course. You also need to submit a separate 1,000-character write-up that includes your other involvements in school, CCA, external activities, competitions, and leadership roles.


#4 Prepare your Portfolio

A good portfolio can boost your chance of securing your dream course. Include testimonials from teachers and certifications or other documents that show your various accomplishments, or support your interests and talents. Start preparing early so that it will be ready when you need to present it.

Do ensure your portfolio can be submitted via email. 

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#5 Ace your Interview

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to an online interview or face-to-face interview (where applicable) to elaborate on your (i) Interest, (ii) Aptitude, and (iii) Achievement.

Remember to prepare your teleconference equipment early and be on standby 10 minutes before your session begins. 

Learn how you can ace your EAE interview with these simple tips in the video below!: