Secure a place at Republic Polytechnic (RP) ahead of everyone else through the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)! Enrol into your dream course to pursue your passion and interest.

Five reasons to choose RP EAE

EAE Exclusive Coaching

#1 Exclusive Coaching

One of the keys in securing your place through EAE is your portfolio. We will help you develop a winning portfolio to showcase your strengths and talents in the course that you are passionate about.

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EAE Special Award

#2 Special Award

Top EAE applicants who successfully enroll into RP will stand a chance to receive the RP EAE Award of $500!

EAE Module Exemption

#3 Complete a Module Ahead of Your Peers

Successful EAE applicants will be invited to the Head Start Programme, where you will get to complete one module before you officially start school! You will be ahead of your peers!


EAE Real World Learning

#4 Preparing You for the Real World

At RP, we prepare you to be a professional problem solver and lifelong learner. After 3 years of school, you will be ready for the future workplace, further studies, or begin an entrepreneurial journey.

EAE We Care for You

#5 We Care for You

Every student will have a mentor – someone who will listen and help you if you are facing any difficulty. We believe in caring for each and every of our student – you.