School of Sports, Health and Leisure

School of Sports, Health and Leisure (SHL)

Pumped to get in on the action and discover what it takes to be great? At SHL, you will be equipped with knowledge and skills to power through life with purpose and finish strong. So gear up, champions for wellness, and fuel your relentless drive for success.

How to Ace Your EAE Application

Learn how you can demonstrate your strong passion and aptitude for SHL's courses by referring to the table below. 

Course Name              Has passion for or interest in: Participated in activities such as: Other considerations:
Health Management & Promotion (R43)
  • Healthy living
  • Elder care
  • Youth health
  • Health nutrition
  • Health psychology
  • CCAs, particularly in groups such as Red Cross and St John Ambulance Brigade
  • Service-learning projects on health promotion
  • Local or overseas conferences in the fields of health and fitness
  • Work experience in:
  1. Health screening or promotion centre
  2. Health related jobs, events or companies
Health Services Management (R45)
  • Health
  • Healthcare
  • Care coordination
  • Customer service
  • Community care
  • Social work
  • Volunteer work at nursing homes, special schools, Institute of Mental Health, hospitals, Senior Activity Centres or Day Care Centres
  • Service learning projects related to health and health services
  • CCAs such as uniform groups and Red Cross
  • Work experience in:
  1. Clinics
  2. Hospitals
  3. Other healthcare organisations
  • Outstanding achievements in leadership, community service, or community engagement activities
Outdoor & Adventure Learning (R33)
  • Outdoor education
  • Environment education
  • CCAs such as uniform groups, outdoor activities and environment clubs
  • Outdoor adventure activities
  • Nature walks
  • Eco-tours
  • Service learning programmes
  • Sports, particularly in climbing, kayaking, swimming, and abseiling
  • Eco-literacy, outdoor, adventure or leadership events
  • Relevant AEM*:
    Developing Outdoor and Adventure Learning Activity
  • Achievements such as the National Youth Achievement Award
  • Work experience as:
  1. Sports coach
  2. Outdoor educator
  3. Camp instructor
  4. Facilitator
  5. Guide
  • Ability to relate positively as a participant or leader for school or outdoor programmes
Sport Coaching (R49)
  • Sports
  • Coaching
  • Courses in sport coaching
  • Sport CCAs
  • School, club, and/ or National Sports team
  • Experience in sport coaching and fitness training
  • Involvement in national sports volunteerism. For example Team Nila volunteer, Active SG volunteer, and community-based sports volunteer
  • Exercise and Sports Science as an O-Level subject
Sport & Exercise Science (R26)
  • Sports
  • Courses in fitness and health
  • Sports CCAs
  • Relevant AEMs*:
  1. Awareness and Prevention of Sports Injuries
  2. Sports Psychology: The Winning Edge
  • Experience in fitness training 
  • Sports awards and medals won in events or competitions
  • Exercise and Sports Science as an O-Level subject
  • Participation in high- level competition sports. For example, combined school team, school or national team

*Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs) are conducted in the same way as all our regular diplomas. The programme helps secondary school students make informed decisions about education and career plans after their graduation.

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  • Visualise your goal of getting in via EAE

  • Try some breathing exercises if you are feeling nervous


SHL Bennet Lim
Participating in EAE allowed me to secure my spot in DOAL before my results were released, instead of having to apply via JAE like everyone else. Through attending EAE workshops and talks, I gained a clear picture of what the course entailed.
Lim Yu Hung Bennet
School of Sports, Health and Leisure
Diploma in Outdoor & Adventure Learning
2020 Graduate