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GENERAL News & Events

Republic Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony 2015

Published on : 01 Apr 2015

The Republic Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony 2015 will be held from 4 May to 8 May. read more>>

RP ALUMNI News & Events

University of Glasgow Full-Time and Part-Time PhD Scholarships

Published on : 11 Nov 2014

Full-Time and Part-Time PhD Scholarships available at the University of Glasgow, Singapore to support exceptional candidates in Computing Science and Engineering disciplines. read more>>

  • 13 May 15

    ACE@RP - New Media and You!
    This workshop aims to introduce the concepts of social media, social media management and what are the available social media marketing tools.
  • 21 May 15-22 May 15

    ACE@RP - The Art of Facilitation: Effective Listening and Questioning Skills
    With a growing emphasis on the acquisition of 21st Century competencies the likes of critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication skills, effective facilitation is key in helping your students acquire metacognitive abilities as well as strengthen their internalisation of key knowledge and skills pertinent to the desired educational outcomes.
  • 03 Jun 15

    ACE@RP - The Art of Outdoor Education: Orienteering
    Ask any student about their Outdoor Education experience and chances are, they would talk about the exhilarating Flying Fox and Rock-climbing experiences. Outdoor Education is beyond just the games and Challenge Course activities.