7) Chew Yu Ying

Lee Kuan Yew Award
for Mathematics and Science

School of Applied Science

Chew Yu Ying has shown excellence in both her academic pursuits and student life activities. She was inducted into the Director’s Roll of Honour for five consecutive semesters and was also the recipient of the A*Star Science award.

Beyond the classroom, Yu Ying was actively involved in several co-curricular activities. She was in the Executive Committee of Deafining Interest Group (IG) and had organized the Deafining IG performance at Gambas National Day Carnival 2017. She was also in The Youth Choir outside of RP, where she rehearsed with the Singapore Girls Home choir to give them insight into good rehearsal etiquette and help them gain confidence.

Yu Ying has also displayed a flair for neuroscience and research by representing Republic Polytechnic to participate in the Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme (STEP) NUS Brain Camp. 


  • Diploma in Biotechnology with Merit 
  • Roche Singapore Technical Operations Gold Medal Award
  • Module Prizes in Industrial and Food Biotechnology
  • A*STAR Science Award in AY2017 and AY2018
  • Edusave Merit Bursary Award in AY2016
  • Inducted into the Director’s Roll of Honour for five semesters