Health, Wellness and Nutrition Cluster


The Health, Wellness and Nutrition (HWN) Cluster aims to develop technologies and programmes that help to prevent illness and injury, speed up recovery, and enhance quality of life.

We collaborate with industry partners in the health, wellness and nutrition sectors to create relevant and meaningful projects that will have a positive impact on society. These projects generally focus on four key areas:

  • General health and well-being
  • Disease management
  • Active ageing
  • Prevention of and recovery from injuries

Focus Areas

Health assessment, promotion and intervention programmes

The HWN Cluster can help you develop programmes for evaluating and promoting overall wellness. 

We can measure key health indicators such as body composition, maximal oxygen consumption, and rate of recovery. These measurements can be used to gain insights into various population groups or to examine the efficacy of health interventions.

Our capabilities can be applied to various fields of study, such as the effects of exercise on performance and physical functions, and the effects of vibration therapy among the elderly. We also have the knowledge and expertise to carry out workplace health programmes, health promotion initiatives and wellness programmes.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and software in our research and development (R&D) work, including:

  • Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) or bone densitometry – Used to accurately measure body density and composition (bone, fat, muscle, and water)
  • Metalyser – Used to measure the girth, length and width of objects and people
  • Bioelectrical weighing machines – Used to examine the effects of products/interventions aimed at improving body composition (e.g. converting fatty mass to lean mass)
  • SphygmoCor System – Used to measure cardiovascular health

Injury prevention and management

The HWN Cluster can also help you investigate products such as ointments and bandages that are intended to reduce the risk of injury and/or enhance the recovery process.

We use a variety of equipment and software to carry out such projects, including:

  • Sunlight densitometer – Used to assess osteoporosis risk
  • BioDex – Used to measure strength in all muscle groups, including the torso, lower limbs and upper limbs
  • Heart rate monitors

Human performance management and gait analysis

The HWN Cluster can carry out projects aimed at increasing muscular performance (strength, power and endurance) or efficiency in both sporting and non-sporting activities.

We also conduct gait analysis using advanced technologies in video-based human identification, as well as gait, posture priori patterns and silhouette identification.

In sports performance, our R&D work includes movement economy/efficiency, supplementation to increase muscle performance and anticipation/reaction time in different sports, among others.

In non-sporting performance, our R&D work includes musculoskeletal development in special populations such as children, adolescents and the elderly.

We have access to advanced equipment and software, including:

  • 3D scanner – Used to scan the body and provide a three-dimensional projection, which can be used to measure the girth, length and width of objects and people
  • Mo-Cap (motion capture device) – Used to study movement quality
  • MegaWin software – Used to determine muscle activity while looking at neural activation and muscle recruitment
  • Power Plate training device – Used to emit minute vibrations (30–55Hz) to stimulate muscle activity

Formulation and development of functional foods and beverages

The HWN Cluster can also formulate and develop functional foods, sports-related drinks/snacks, and new ingredients that may have medical or health benefits using pharmaceutical technology, microencapsulation and formulation technology.

Our support service capabilities include specialised analysis (e.g. chemical analysis), extraction and formulation technologies, and shelf-life testing.

We use a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and software, including:

  • Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer
  • Gas chromatography-mass spectrometer
  • Tablet/capsule dissolution testers
  • Ice cream churners
  • Pasteurisers

Wireless and mobile monitoring for health, security and wellness

The HWN Cluster can help you develop wireless and mobile technologies for monitoring health, security and wellness.

Using such technologies shifts the focus of healthcare from hospital-centred systems to individual-centred systems.

We use advanced equipment and software in our R&D work, including:

  • ADS software
  • N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set
  • Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) software
  • Wireless handset test system
  • RF Laboratory Kit
  • RFID readability test gantry

Wireless and electronic-driven lifestyle, rehabilitation and assistive technology

The HWN Cluster can develop lifestyle, rehabilitation and assistive technology solutions by leveraging on state-of-the-art wireless and electronic approaches, such as embedded technology and artificial intelligence.

We use a wide range of specialised equipment and software, including:

  • CleveMed BioCapture BioRadio Kit 150 System
  • Microchip MPLAB Dev Kit
  • T-Engine Board and T-Kernel Operating System
  • Celoxica RC203 Development Kit
  • Mentor Graphics ModelSim

Project Highlights

Check out some of our completed projects below.

Low Cost Wireless Patient Weight Measurement System for the Physically Impaired and Bedridden

In this project, we developed a low-cost bed-based weight measurement system that can be permanently installed onto a standard hospital bed to monitor the weight of the patients.  

This reduced the need for the patients to be transferred to a weighing system which decreases the distress, discomfort and potential risks for the patients.

Designing an Innovative Intermittent Hypoxic Training Programme to Improve Cardiovascular Fitness and Function

In this project, we investigated the effects of intermittent hypoxic (low oxygen content) training on cardiovascular function in well-trained, healthy individuals.

Prediction of Hydro-dynamic Force Acting on the Hand in Swimming

In this project, we predicted the propulsive hand forces generated during swimming.

Formulation of Functional Ice Cream

In this project, we formulated functional ice creams such as ginseng ice cream and omega-3 ice cream. The omega-3 ice cream that we developed was awarded the “Healthier Choice Symbol” by the Health Promotion Board (HPB).

Contact Information

Name: Charlene Lau
(Wellness Research)
Tel: 6697 0947

Name: Hong Ling Tim
(SMART Engineering Technology)
Tel: 6697 1459

Name: Ritu Bhalla
(Formulation and Nutrition Science)
Tel: 6697 1597

Name: Edith Poh
(Technology Development)
Tel: 6697 1035

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