Financing Your Child's Education

Tuition Fees and Tuition Grant

Tuition Fees
The five polytechnics in Singapore adopt a cohort-based fee structure, which means that your child’s tuition fees will remain constant for the entire duration of his/her course. This fee structure provides greater certainty regarding tuition fees and help students to better plan for the financing of their studies.

To find out more about the course fees payable by full-time students, visit our fees webpage.

Tuition Grant
To subsidise the cost of tertiary education in Singapore, the Ministry of Education (MOE) provides tuition grant to all eligible students. The Tuition Grant Scheme provides for a maximum of ten (10) semesters of tertiary education. For more information on the Tuition Grant Scheme, please visit our MOE Tuition Grant webpage.

Financial Assistance

RP offers various schemes to help your child with his/ her education expenses. There are also financial assistance schemes for needy students who face financial challenges. On top these, government-funded and private bursaries are available to help defray living expenses for eligible needy students.

To learn more about these schemes and bursaries, visit our financial assistance webpage.