As a PFP student, you will study both compulsory modules and preparatory modules to help lay a strong foundation for polytechnic and give you a taste of your chosen diploma course. 

Students who pass all PFP modules will be admitted into the first year of their pre-selected diploma courses. 

Here are some of the modules you can look forward to during the programme:

Thumbnail_English  English Language & Communication

This compulsory module is designed to improve your language and communication skills, including public-speaking and speech writing. It also aims to improve your personal interaction skills, focusing on verbal and non-verbal communication cues.

Thumbnail_Maths  Foundation Mathematics

 This compulsory module focuses on the essentials of mathematics. Emphasis will be placed on the understanding of key concepts, skills in solving problems and on the use of the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as a tool. The module will also introduce you to The Geometer's Sketchpad® (GSP) and other interactive software used at polytechnic and in the workplace.

Thumbnail_Project Management  Project Management

This module will teach you how to effectively plan, organise, execute and monitor multiple projects simultaneously. It will also hone your time and resource management skills – all essential skills for independent study at polytechnic.

Thumbnail_Design Thinking  Introduction to Design Thinking as a Tool for Problem-Solving

This subject will introduce you to the Design Thinking approach to problem-solving. To help ground the concepts you will learn in the classroom, you will also get a chance to innovate solutions to address population needs as part of a collaborative project with community organisations.

Thumbnail_SEL  Social and Emotional Learning

In addition to teaching you important practical life skills, this module aims to enhance your socio-emotional awareness and inculcate in you values in line with our REPUBLIC Code of Honour. Under this module, you will be participating in a range of projects, which include community outreach programmes, to develop into compassionate citizens and members of society.

Thumbnail_Computing  Computing

To equip you with basic IT skills and knowledge, you will learn about basic computer components, operating systems and networking. You will also learn basic programming. Other topics include social media and IT security.

Thumbnail_PE  Physical Education

This module focuses and builds on your physical fitness. Doing this module will not only enable you to reap the many health benefits associated with exercising. It will also empower you to perform better academically as a physically active student.

Thumbnail_Applied Science  Applied Science (only for science & technology students)

In this module, students will be more engaged during the session and see relevance in what they are learning to what they experience around them in real life.

Thumbnail_UCB  Understanding Customers and Business (only for non-science & technology students)

This module will teach you the fundamentals of starting and operating a business. In addition to learning basic theories and concepts (like demand and supply), you will also have the opportunity to apply the concepts and strategies you learn in the classroom to real life through projects, such as the set-up and operation of a pushcart.