What are Applied Learning Modules (ApLMs)?

Applied Learning Modules (ApLMs) were introduced by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to enrich the secondary school curriculum with more applied learning options. Taught by polytechnic staff over a span of three days, ApLMs are modules or subjects in applied areas, such as entrepreneurship, news reporting, market research and human resource.

Students will be given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn during the programme to practical real-life scenarios, and discover their individual strengths and interests.

Why should I sign up my students for ApLMs?

Your students will get to:

  • Experience polytechnic life in advance – our ApLMs are conducted in the same way as all our other regular diploma courses
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge not taught in secondary schools
  • Discover and explore their passions and interests beforehand, enabling them to make informed decisions about education and career plans after graduation
  • Enhance their Holistic Development Profile which will give them an edge over their peers when applying for diploma courses under the Polytechnic Early Admission Exercise (EAE) and Direct Admission Exercise (DAE)

What are the ApLMs offered at SMC?


Start Your Business Now

This module teaches students fundamental business and entrepreneurship concepts and processes, such as developing a business plan, marketing, financial management, and inventory accounting. Students will also get a chance to acquire valuable hands-on experience by setting up and running their own e-commerce business.


Steal the Show: The Killer Presentation

In this course, participants can expect to work on a series of mini projects that will allow them to experiment with a variety of delivery styles for different audiences and settings. In the process, participants will acquire new skills and knowledge that will help them fine tune their delivery style, develop a more persuasive and expressive speaking style, understand and control their space and presence to achieve rapport and influence over their audience, and use language creatively to inform, persuade, impress and inspire.

News Reporting in the 21st Century

News Reporting in the 21st Century

This module aims to promote cross-cultural understanding and responsibility among youths when creating content for an audience. Students will appreciate the importance of demonstrating cultural sensitivity and the nature of discrimination and prejudice, and how these contribute to miscommunication and conflict in our schools and communities. In conjunction, they will learn journalistic techniques to apply their understanding of communication in cross-cultural contexts to produce a simple news package.

Understanding Consumer Research

Understanding Consumer Research

This Applied Learning Module (ApLM) introduces students to the importance of consumer survey insights in making good business decisions, and to equip students with the fundamentals of consumer research. Students will learn the fundamentals of marketing research, including developing research plans, data collection and analysis, and presenting research findings.

Igniting Business Success Through Your People

Igniting Business Success Through Your People

This programme introduces the concept and practice of Human Resource (HR) Management. It will increase students’ awareness about the basics of working, engaging and managing others. Students will learn the necessary HR knowledge and skills, as well as develop the right attitude to grow the business, with the most critical resource…the human resource!

What is the cost?

Students will need to pay $25 per ApLM, which can be paid from their Edusave Accounts. MOE will subsidise the remaining course fees – up to $225 for every student per module – subject to students meeting minimum attendance of 2 out of 3 days.

How can I register?

Visit MOE’s portal to register for any of the ApLMs offered by RP. For enquiries or assistance, please contact us at Help-SMC@rp.edu.sg.