Collaborative Opportunities

At the School of Infocomm (SOI), we are committed to fostering strong partnerships between academia and industry.

In addition to teaching, our staff are also engaged in research and development work spanning all sectors of the information technology landscape, with grants from both public and private organisations.

Our students also undertake a capstone Final Year Project (FYP), usually in collaboration with our industry partners. Each project team typically consists of three to four students, guided by an SOI academic staff member. 

Collaborative Projects

These collaborative projects do not just provide our students and staff more avenues for deeper industry immersion. They also allow companies to tap into the vast talent pool at SOI to create innovative solutions to meet their own organisational needs.

Read more below on how some of our partners have benefited from these collaborative projects with SOI staff and students. 

Trails on Pocket Trips

Trails on Pocket Trips

Partner Organisation: LDR Pte Ltd

Students: Ng Shi Min, Sim Jia Ying & Daren Khek Fu Cheng

The trio worked with local e-learning solutions LDR Pte Ltd to design interactive location-based mobile trails for St John’s Island and Kusu Island for foreign and local tourists alike. 

With the help of GPS tracking, users will be able to access information about specific elements along the trails, such as the site’s history and significance. 

Proximity to each “hot spot” also triggers activity recommendations and games that users can solve to earn discounts at nearby retailers.

The project has since been extended to include trails covering other historical, cultural, and natural landmarks and sites of interest.

User-Selectable Obscuration Software for Digital Videos

User Selectable Obscuration Software for Digital Videos

Funded by: Ministry of Education (MOE)

Staff: David Leong, Jonathan Siang, Guo Jiayan, Vikram Bahl & Tay Mei Lan 

Developed by Cognitive Systems Technology Centre staff, this intelligent software helps MOE teachers to sanitise visual media content for student consumption.

Using non-rigid object tracking and video masking techniques, the software allows teachers to skip objectionable scenes and obscure inappropriate elements in movies and television shows – all while maintaining the story-line's integrity.

But its usefulness is not just limited to the classroom. The software can also be deployed across many other sectors, including broadcast media, security and surveillance, medical imaging, childcare, and traffic control.  

Dispensing Medicine Application

Students: Seah Yi Fang, Nurul Fatiha Binte Mohamad Yussof, Noor Aishah Binte Hayes & Ng Xin Ni, Sandy

Dispensing Medicine App

Developed in-house to support the learning needs of RP’s pharmaceutical science students, this web application simulates a pharmacy counter and allows students to practise various tasks, such as:

  • Registering a patient

  • Resetting the queue

  • Prescribing medicine

  • Inventory management

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