• Graduation Ceremony
  • Diploma Certificate and Academic Transcript
  1. Why was the Graduation Ceremony 2020 cancelled?

  2. Ministry of Health (MOH) has implemented enhanced social distancing measures as the COVID-19 situation continues to rapidly evolve. Republic Polytechnic, like the other polytechnics in Singapore, had cancelled our 2020 Graduation Ceremonies. Given the challenging situation we are in, this decision was made in the best interests of our students, their families and the community. With everyone’s health and safety in mind, the cancellation was necessary to prevent the risk of virus transmission that may occur during mass gatherings.

  3. Since the Graduation Ceremony has been cancelled, can I still rent that Graduation Attire to take photos and have a private celebration with my family?

  4. As gown rental/purchase is considered non-essential services, this service is not provided by the vendor now. We will update this portal should there be any subsequent updates on graduation attire rental/purchase.
  1. When will I be receiving the hardcopies of my Diploma Certificate and Academic Transcript?

    Please use the digital certificate and transcript sent to you via your RP email or retrieve them from the Skills Passport via MySkillsFuture portal at https://www.myskillsfuture.sg. Graduates who have completed the Diploma Plus programme can expect to receive the digital certificate and transcript by June 2020. Due to the measures put in place for COVID-19, we are not able to mail out the hardcopy certificates to you at this juncture.

  2. What are the documents that will be mailed to me?

    • Diploma Certificate
    • Academic Transcript
    • Award Certificate(s), where applicable
    • Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) Transcript, where applicable

  3. Can I receive my Diploma Certificate and Academic Transcript if I still have outstanding dues with the polytechnic?

    Graduates with outstanding amount/item(s) such as equipment loans, unreturned of library books, fines, fees, etc., should clear the outstanding amount/item(s) before they can receive their Diploma Certificate and Academic Transcript.

  4. Can I request my Diploma Certificate and Academic Transcript in softcopy?

    From 2019, Full-time Diploma graduates with no outstanding amount/item(s) will be receiving the electronic certificate and transcript. For 2020 graduates, you would have received them at your RP email address.

    Please refer to www.rp.edu.sg/opencerts for more information.

  5. The University that I am applying with requires the hardcopies of my transcript, however I have yet to receive them. Is there an alternative for me?

    If you have yet to receive the hardcopies transcript, you may submit a request for the official Statement of Results (SOR) here. Select the softcopy version and you will receive it at your email address. Thereafter, you may print the official SOR to submit to the institution(s) that you are applying with.

    Do note that this is an interim arrangement, once you have received the hardcopies transcript, you should use it for applications instead of the SOR. The issuance of the softcopy version of official SOR will also cease when the Circuit Breaker period ends.