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Celebrating our CED Graduates!

Our heartiest congratulations to the class of 2021! Click on the programme below to view the list of graduates.

Message from Zhahirah Binte Mohammad Saleh,
Specialist Diploma in Applied Learning and Teaching

A year flew past really quickly when you are enjoying yourself. In this year spent with my Specialist Diploma in Applied Learning and Teaching cohort, a lot has happened. I remember being excited to start this programme, marking down all important dates in my calendar so that I would not miss any important dates and notifications. I was very happy to see some familiar faces in class and also grateful to meet new friends and lecturers who gave me support throughout my learning journey.

By participating in this programme, I was taught to learn, unlearn, and relearn. As someone who is passionate about the education sector, especially adult learning, I eagerly picked up knowledge and skills in class and was able to readily apply them while teaching my students. Beyond the regular class schedule, I observed that the lecturers in this diploma would often go the extra mile to provide support and materials to make learning fun, relevant and applicable to us. I cannot highlight only one lecturer who did that, because all lecturers did exactly that. They patiently answered our questions and made themselves available beyond class and consultation hours. This was evident when I texted them at night, apologising and letting them know that they could reply the next day, they surprised me by instantly replying to my text.

When the government announced the COVID-19 circuit breaker, the programme had to be moved online. I was struggling and on the verge of deferring the programme. When I surfaced my concerns to my classmate, Jalaluddin, he convinced me that we can get through this together. He told me, "Let's do this and graduate together!" And his words gave me the courage to persevere and complete the remaining modules. Besides Jalauddin, I am also grateful to Sakinah and Seri for helping me with my coursework. We had exchanged ideas and critiqued each other’s assignments to improve them.

Zhahirah Binte Mohammad Saleh

Zhahirah Binte Mohammad Saleh
Specialist Diploma in Applied
Learning and Teaching
Centre for Educational Development

Zhahirah and course mates

Zhahirah and her course mates

Photo taken before COVID-19

Although half of this programme was not conducted in a physical classroom setting and it saddened me as my Saturdays were dull without my friends’ company, I am glad and grateful to have met everyone and completed the programme. We did it, guys! Congratulations and well done!

I am a firm believer of lifelong learning and enjoy constantly upskilling myself. I hope our journey of becoming a better educator continues and may it be a stepping stone to improve the education of future generations.

This is not goodbye, but rather, see you again later.