Course Intake Numbers

School of Applied Science

Full-time Courses  Rcode   2018 Planned Intake
 Diploma in Biomedical Sciences  R14 145
 Diploma in Biotechnology  R16 118
 Diploma in Materials Science  R17 83
 Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences  R22 200
 Diploma in Environmental Science  R29 78
 Diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture  R53 52

School of Engineering

Full-time Courses    Rcode    2018 Planned Intake 
Diploma in Industrial And Operations Management R11    95 
Diploma in Aerospace Avionics   R20    95 
Diploma in Supply Chain Management
R21   85 
Diploma in Aviation Management
R39  95 
Diploma in Aerospace Engineering
R40  85
Diploma in Green Building Energy Management
R41 105 
Common Engineering Programme
R42  175
 Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering R50  158 
Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management
R54  70 
Diploma in Engineering Design with Business
R56  70 

School of Hospitality

Full-time Courses  Rcode 2018 Planned Intake 
Diploma in Integrated Events Management     R28   225 
Diploma in Customer Experience Management with Business    R34    200 
Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management    R37    175 
Diploma in Wellness and Hospitality Business  R44  75 
Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations  R46  70 

School of Infocomm

  Full-time Courses  Rcode 2018 Planned Intake 
Diploma in Information Technology    R12    135 
Diploma in Business Information Systems    R13    135 
Diploma in Business Applications    R18    130 
Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media  R31  100 
Diploma in Mobile Software Development  R47  60 
Diploma in Infocomm Security Management  R55  100 

School of Sports, Health and Leisure

  Full-time Courses  Rcode 2018 Planned Intake 
Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences    R26    125 
Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management    R27    125 
Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning    R33    80 
Diploma in Health Management and Promotion  R43  126 
Diploma in Health Services Management  R45  145 
Diploma in Sports Coaching  R49  50 

School of Management and Communication

  Full-time Courses  Rcode 2018 Planned Intake 
Diploma in Mass Communication    R32    150 
Diploma in Consumer Behaviour and Research    R48    100 
Diploma in Social Enterprise Management    R51    50 
Diploma in Human Resource Management With Psychology  R52  100 

School of Technology for the Arts

  Full-time Courses  Rcode 2018 Planned Intake 
Diploma in Media Production and Design    R19    150 
Diploma in Sonic Arts    R24    75 
Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management    R25    75 
Diploma in Game Design  R35  50 
Diploma in Design for User Experience  R36  90

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**Due to the nature of the outdoor and adventure learning job requirements, candidates seeking admission into the Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning (DOAL) should enjoy working with youth in the outdoor environment consisting of natural and adventurous elements. 

The course will demand from students a substantial amount of involvement in physical activity and water based experiential activities. As such, having affinity for the outdoors and adventure pursuits will be advantageous. Additionally, students should be able to show confidence in water whilst donning a personal flotation device. 

DOAL candidates are allowed to enroll into RP on the condition that they pass a medical examination by a certified general practitioner. For more information click here