Applicants with Working Experience

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Singapore Citizens and PRs Working Adults


Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents with 2 years of relevant full-time employment can apply to our full time diploma courses.

For the list of courses requiring medical check-up or specific tests, please click here.


Applicants with relevant working experience can apply for admission to our full time diploma courses through the following admission exercises.

  1. Early Admissions Exercise (EAE)
  2. Direct Admissions Exercise (DAE)
  • You are to submit a brief write-up detailing your relevant experience in the areas related to the course(s) that you wish to be considered


Applicants who have applied through the EAE and DAE may be shortlisted and invited to attend an interview.

  • The interview is designed to assess your suitability for the course through your write-up indicated in your application.
  • It provides an interface for you to interact with the interviewers and allows them to evaluate your understanding of the course that you have applied for.

Posting Outcome

For EAE applicants, the outcome of your application will be released online through the EAE portal on 26 Aug 2019.

  • Login using your NRIC and password via the EAE portal to check the posting results.
  • If you are posted, you are required to indicate acceptance of the posting latest by 11 Oct 2019 via the EAE portal.
  • If you change your mind after accepting the posting, you must withdraw by submitting online at the EAE portal latest by 11 Oct 2019.

For DAE applicants, you will be notified of your application outcome through email.

Conditions for Admissions

a. Students must read the terms and conditions for each admission exercise before they apply for admission to Republic Polytechnic (RP) when the application window is open.

b. Students must provide all supporting documents related to their admission application such as academic qualifications, related certificates or other documents as requested by the Polytechnic for admission consideration.

c. Students are admitted to the Polytechnic based on the specified assessment criteria.

d. Students must provide true and accurate information in the application forms, including a full declaration of any medical condition or disability.

e. Students must attend interviews whenever contacted by the Polytechnic as part of the evaluation procedures to determine their suitability for the diploma courses.

f. If any of the above conditions are not met, RP reserves the right to:
  1. rescind an offer of admission to any applicant;

  2. report the applicant to authorities for wrongful declaration and

  3. disallow the applicant from continuing with the admission process