For NS-Liable Applicants and NS Men

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National Service (NS)

 NS Deferment  

Currently in NS

 NS Disruption  
 Reservation of placement in RP  
  • To reserve your place in RP, you are required to complete the compulsory enrolment steps in the online enrolment system by the stipulated deadline.
  • You are not required to submit or upload your enrolment and financial forms if you are not commencing your studies in RP in the current year.
  • After you have completed the required online enrolment steps, you will receive an email from us confirming the reservation of your placement in RP.
  • We will inform you if there are any changes to the course offered and reserved for you. Changes would include renaming or discontinuation of course.
  • A new enrolment email will be sent to you in the academic year which you are able to commence your study in RP.
 Exempted from NS  
  • If you have been exempted from NS, please upload a scanned copy of your exemption letter from CMPB or your unit through the online enrolment portal.