For NS-Liable Applicants and NS Men

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National Service (NS)

 NS Deferment  
  • Please refer to for the terms and conditions for NS deferment.
  • Students who are determined to be NS-liable are required to serve NS prior to the commencement of their studies in RP.
  • They are required to apply for NS deferment from MINDEF if they wish to begin their studies first. Upon receiving official approval from MINDEF on the student’s application for NS deferment, RP will allow him to commence his course of study.
  • For more details on NS deferment, please refer to

Currently in NS

 NS Disruption  
  • Please refer to for the terms and conditions for NS disruption.
  • Official approval from MINDEF or military unit on the disruption request must be received before student is allowed to enrol in the current year.
  • If the NS disruption request is not approved, the student will commence his studies in the academic year, after the completion of his NS.
  • For more details on NS disruption, please refer to
 Reservation of placement in RP  
  • To reserve your place in RP, you are required to complete the enrolment steps 1-3 in the online enrolment system by the stipulated deadline.
  • You are not required to submit or upload your enrolment and financial forms if you are not commencing your studies in RP in the current year.
  • After you have completed the required online enrolment steps, you will receive an email from us confirming the reservation of your placement in RP.
  • We will inform you if there are any changes to the course offered and reserved for you. Changes would include renaming or discontinuation of course.
  • A new enrolment email will be sent to you in the academic year which you are able to commence your study in RP.
 Exempted from NS  
  • If you have been exempted from NS, please email a scanned copy of your exemption letter from CMPB or your unit to by 20 September 2019.