About NACE @ RP

The National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning @ Republic Polytechnic (NACE@RP) is focused on helping businesses make workplace learning a part of their business.

Workplace Learning allows employees to upskill or reskill within their work environment, thus enabling companies to respond more effectively in a fast-changing economic environment. By inculcating a progressive and sustainable learning culture, businesses can benefit from increased productivity and innovation, thus enabling the business to grow and thrive.

Solutions Offered
by NACE @ RP


We offer a range of comprehensive training programmes in Workplace Learning. Our facilitated programmes are versatile and easily customisable. It will equip your enterprise with the relevant applicable skills, knowledge and toolkits.

Consultancy Services  

We understand that each enterprise/company is unique. NACE@RP draws on expertise within the schools and centres to adapt and implement Best-in-Class Workplace Learning frameworks for SG companies.

Hear What Our Partners Say

BNL Pte Ltd
BNL Pte Ltd is an integrated environmental service provider managing projects with major parks, hotels and several tourist attractions. NACE@RP supported BNL in codifying the knowledge and skills required to implement their business process transformation, which included digital solutions in HR practices and tracking of work hours, into a structured on-the-job (OJT) blueprint for training.

Our employees are very satisfied with the workplace learning programme, because their newly acquired skills enable them to take on new roles within the company, adapt to changes, and become more productive in their existing job roles. Through the consultancy project, NACE@RP has been extremely helpful and supportive in facilitating my company’s improvement and meeting our training needs.

Mr Lee Hsin Chong
Managing Director
BNL Pte Ltd
RE&S is a regional food service company with a diverse portfolio that includes quality restaurants, namely Kuriya Dining, Ichiban Boshi and Sushi, Idaten and Shimbashi Soba, Yakiniku-Go, and food manufacturing. NACE@RP supported RE&S in developing their leadership programmes and introduced professional coaching and mentoring skills to enable success and sustainability.

Working with the NACE@RP staff has been a pleasure and they have been very professional. They helped us to improve our coaching and mentoring efforts to strengthen competencies of our frontline and middle management thereby enhancing the success of our businesses.

Mr Chew Chee Siong
Learning & Development Manager
Hock Teoh Huat Transport Pte Ltd
Hock Teoh Huat Transport Pte Ltd is a freight land transport logistics solution provider. NACE@RP supported Hock Teoh Huat in implementing their business process transformation, which involves automating vessel status tracking, and codifying the work re-design into a structured on-the-job (OJT) blueprint to strengthen the training of the existing workforce and expedite the on-boarding of new hires.

The NACE@RP and COI-SCM teams have completed the project with great care and assistance. In addition to addressing the expertise and proficiencies of our principal stakeholders within the organisation, the team also considered the sustainability of the project's implementation. Hock Teoh Huat looks forward to working with NACE@RP and COI-SCM on other projects that will help support our business growth.

Mr Lee Jian Long
Branch Manager
Hock Teoh Huat Transport Pte Ltd