RP Student Code of Conduct

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RP Student Code of Conduct

Republic Polytechnic (RP) seeks to help our students develop academic and personal excellence, while respecting the dignity and rights of each person. The RP Student Code of Conduct aims to guide all students in their academic and non-academic pursuits and promote the values of the REPUBLIC Code of Honour by sharing an overview of their expected behaviour.

All RP students should comply with the following:

  • All Standing Regulations in the RP Student Code of Conduct.
  • Singapore Law. 
  • All Academic Regulations found in the Student Handbook.
  • Any other rules, regulations and instructions that are issued from time to time.

It is the responsibility of all RP students to familiarise themselves with the RP Student Code of conduct in order to make RP a safe and conducive community for learning. 

Upholding Good Conduct

All students must show respect for themselves and others. They must be considerate and respectful towards cultural diversity, race and religion matters.
Students should refrain from any conduct that demeans, intimidates, threatens, harasses or injures any individual. These include acts such as bullying, fighting, making derogatory remarks and sexual misconduct (e.g. sexual assault, outrage of modesty, stalking and harassment, illicit recording, voyeuristic act or the distribution of such content through any medium).

Violation of the RP Student Code of Conduct

As a caring educational community, RP does not tolerate misconduct, be it physical or psychological harm, harassment or violence directed against any person.  Students engaging in such misconduct are subject to disciplinary actions and the punitive actions, which may include dismissal, suspension and/or other penalties.

Republic Code of Honour

RP students should also strive to embody the values defined in the REPUBLIC Code of Honour.