IT Enhanced Learning Experience

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IT Enhanced Learning Experience 

Republic Polytechnic (RP) believes in using Information Technology (IT) to enrich and support the learning experience of all our students.

As an RP student, you will enjoy an engaging online learning experience with access to top-notch learning resources at your fingertips. Most to these electronic resources are available on our new LEO 2.0 Learning Management System, which is accessible via laptops and mobile devices, at anytime and anywhere. LEO 2.0, allows RP students to electronically collaborate with their classmates, access module resources, check their schedules, review their achievements and submit their assignments.

Students are also encourage to install the RP Connect application (app) onto their handphones. The app transforms the way students learn by connecting all the mobile features that support their education at RP. For example, RP Connect allows students to take their attendance by scanning QR codes and it even gives students direction to and information about RP amenities. You can download the app on both the Google Play and Apple App stores.

On top this RP students, just like other poly students, also enjoy access to POLITEMall. Developed jointly by Singapore's five polytechnics and ITE, POLITEMall is a one-stop portal for online learning content across multiple sectors and disciplines. Polytechnic students (both full-time and part-time) can access a host of topics covering business, design, engineering, applied sciences, IT and more with their Student login credentials.