Centre for Foundational Studies

Centre for Foundational Studies

About Centre for Foundational Studies

The Centre for Foundational Studies (CFS) has been established to prepare students who have chosen to begin their tertiary education with the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP).

At CFS, we provide academic support and pastoral care to all PFP students, as well as offer general modules that equip all Pre-Employment Training (PET) students with essential life skills and knowledge to prepare them for future success.

We empower every student to achieve academic and professional greatness by developing a strong foundational base.

What is PFP@RP?

Polytechnic Foundation Programme

PFP is a one-year programme that admits the top Secondary 4 N(A) students who are interested in a practice-oriented curriculum. The programme is designed to prepare you for entry into a relevant diploma course. Key highlights of PFP include:

  • Instead of progressing to 'O' Levels in Secondary 5, you can join RP through PFP to gain a head-start in your diploma course of choice.

  • You will receive a provisional place at RP.

  • After successfully completing PFP, you will be ready to progress into the first year of your chosen course.

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General Modules

RP offers an extensive range of general modules that teaches important life skills such as mental resilience, self-leadership, empathy-building via service-learning and a deeper appreciation of cross-cultural perspectives, helping you go beyond what you learn in your diploma. 

These interdisciplinary modules mould you into work-ready and world-ready problem solvers, fully-prepared to confront challenges at your future workplace.

General Modules