Overseas Internships

Overseas Internships

RP provides you with an opportunity to pursue overseas internships in the third year of your studies. We want to equip you with an experience beyond the classroom through working and living abroad. Our internships will offer you new perspectives and added skills as you travel across the globe attached to Singapore based companies with international operations as well as multinational corporations and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Where do I start?

In Year 2 of your studies, share your interest with your Programme Chair to explore potential overseas internship opportunities. Your industry and applicable skill set will be matched to potential employers and arrangements will be made for an interview.

What is the support available?

Overseas travel can be costly so we have set up two types of support designed to reduce the out of pocket expenses which will be disbursed monthly to your RP registered bank account. You may contact your school’s internship coordinator for assistance on funding applications.

Read more about the types of support available to you below.

Overseas Internship Fund (OIF)

The Overseas Internship Fund (OIF) was set up to defray some of the associated out of pocket expenses for students pursuing an overseas internship overseas. The OIF also helps students interning in Regional and Emerging Markets from the Young Talent Programme.

Young Talent Programme – Market Immersion (YTP)

As part of SkillsFuture, International Enterprise Singapore extended the YTP to polytechnic students with an objective to gain exposure and market immersion experience within Singapore’s Key Markets. Hence, students participating in overseas internships in Regional and Emerging Markets may apply for funding from the YTP.

For every $1 supported by OIF; the YTP contributes $2 for overseas internships in the Regional and Emerging Markets. The OIF and YTP are in addition to any allowance received from the employer.