Overseas Internships

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Overseas Internships

RP provides you with an opportunity to pursue overseas internships in the third year of your studies. We want to equip you with an experience beyond the classroom, through working and living abroad. Our internships will offer you new perspectives and added skills as you travel across the globe, attached to Singapore-based companies with international operations as well as multinational corporations and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Where do I start?

In Year 2 of your studies, you can share your interest with your Programme Chair to explore potential overseas internship opportunities. Closer to the internship period, your industry interests and applicable skill set will be matched to potential employers for possible interviews.

What is the support available?

Overseas travel can be costly so we have set up two types of support designed to reduce the out of pocket expenses which will be disbursed monthly to your RP registered bank account. You may contact your school’s internship coordinator for assistance on funding applications.

Read more about the types of support available to you below.

Overseas Internship Fund (OIF)

The Overseas Internship Fund (OIF) was set up to defray some of the expenses RP students incur during overseas internships. It is applicable to all overseas internships.

Young Talent Programme – Market Immersion (YTP)

As part of SkillsFuture, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) extended the YTP to polytechnic students with an objective to gain exposure and market immersion experience within Singapore’s Key Markets. The YTP is applicable for internships in Regional and Emerging Markets and is in addition to the support received from the OIF. 

For every $1 supported by OIF; the YTP contributes $2 for overseas internships in Regional and Emerging Markets. 

The OIF and YTP allowance are in addition to any support received from the employer.

Overseas Internship Fund (OIF) and Young Talent Program Eligibility

  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Cleared RP's selection criteria
  • To be utilised only for overseas internships (up to 24 weeks), that also meet RP’s graduation criteria, with a minimum of two-week overseas internship component
  • Not currently holding any other scholarships which provide specific funding for the same items


You can discuss your interest in overseas internships or the application for funding with the following school representatives.

  No  School    School Coordinator  Email 
1 SOH  Ms. Claudia Leung claudia_leung@rp.edu.sg
2 SEG  Ms. Lam Shu Ci lam_shu_ci@rp.edu.sg
3 SAS  Mr. Ye Min Htut ye_min_htut@rp.edu.sg
4 SOI  Mr. Toh Kee Heng toh_kee_heng@rp.edu.sg
 5  SHL  Mr. Hafiz Mustaffa  hafiz_mustaffa@rp.edu.sg
 6  SMC  Ms. Rachel Chong rachel_chong@rp.edu.sg
 7  STA  Ms. Phyllis Ling phyllis_ling@rp.edu.sg

Successful applicants will be notified by the school. A written report detailing key takeaways and experiences of their overseas programme in the country would be required for students who receive YTP funding, within 2 weeks after the programme ends.  


Industry Preperation for Pre-graduate (iPREP) Programme

The IMDA iPREP programme aims to prepare and equip pre-graduates with relevant skillsets and work experience to ensure a pipeline of industry-ready graduates to meet the ICT industry manpower needs. The programme consists of funding for Industry courses/certifications; mentoring sessions, industry networking opportunities and support for local as well as overseas internships.

Participation in the iPREP Programme is by-nomination and invitation only. Selected students are enrolled into the iPREP programme in Year 2 of their study in RP. 

If you have already been accepted to iPREP Programme and wish to explore an overseas ICT internship, please approach your respective iPREP Coordinator to find out more. 

No   School Diploma  iPREP Coordinator Email 
 1 SOI  All Ms. Grace Yap  grace_yap@rp.edu.sg
 2 SEG Diploma in Electric and Electronic Engineering Mr. Jeffery Koh  jeffery_koh@rp.edu.sg
 3 STA Diploma in Design for User Experience  Ms. Lai Pek Hia  lai_pek_hia@rp.edu.sg